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Day 320 - April 12th - Double Gig Day Yesterday

Here is something that is not overly common in other parts of the world.

This is the top of a waste bin next to a toilet in a public bathroom. I have seen several of similar ones here in my travels. It is an interesting concept to attempt to politely appeal to the compassionate drug user by requesting they dispose of their used needles elsewhere. Not unlike the "turn off your cell phones while flying" we can once again see the "honor system" awkwardly applied in a situation with a high probability that it will be disregarded by many.

Ok, on a more musical note, Chad is doing some kind of drum clinic thing, never did figure out exactly what it is but I do know that what started as Chad drumming in Federation Square

evolved into a more complex and really cool thing of a differing dimension. Chad plays drums and was joined by John on guitar, Flea on electro-trumpet and Josh on Moog. Cool stuff, throw and go on a small local PA

And speaking of Flea's electro-trumpet, here is the mini rig

So after a 30 minute jam and then we all dash over to the big gig for the other rock show.

 Off to Brisbane,

Dave RAt


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mutha on :

hey Dave I'm a little aussie mutha who loves your work (you help make that wonderous chili soundwave). wish I could've caught that melbourne jam - what a buzz - Flea n his trumpet eexxcelent....... I'll b @ the 1st gig in Sydney. (woz lucky enuff 2 get hold of a side stage pass) can't wait to see you n all your roadie mates (without you guys there just aint no show eh?) keep up the great work xoxo mutha (aka georgina)

Rachelle on :

NO WAY!!!!!!!!! Mutha? Is that you? If it is - please email me : .

Natalie on :

Hey Dave, Love your blog. Good on you for finding the time to get all of this down - very entertaining. I came across it by accident and you've got me hooked now. I'm actually just writing this to tell you how great it is that you like vegemite ;) Very open-minded of you to give it a go - the smell turns most people off. Look forward to reading more as you write. Ciao.

Natalie on :

I forgot to say something. Ahem, you know that drug bin you have the pic of? Its not actually a needle bin sweety. Its to dispose of other things that a lady doesn't speak of, but there are no sharps allowed. You may want to edit. Email me and I will delete this after you've read it if I can.

paula on :

Isn't Natalie a sweetie herself for pointing out the point of the pointer to the pointees and back? Anyhoo, all the shows have been awesome, but how much better is the sound at the bowl? You must've enjoyed what you had to work with there. Can you tell me who joined them for the final jam on Wednesday night in Melbourne? All 5' 2'' of me couldn't even get a view of the screens but I know it wasn't Mr Klingfiller. Thanks Dave, hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

MKB on :

That TPT Vox is the jam!! Portable as well. Sounds like really cool expansions taking place. Peppers+Horns=!!!!

Mez on :

Sydney gig last night was great, excellent sound. Loving frooshy up in the mix it really makes for a dynamic show, loving the josh action and loving the keys and synth work. Loved all the fill around the arena, the sound was brilliant, it's rare for that venue to sound good but you guys did it. If you need an extra hand for the next two shows! haha Peace love, glad your loving Oz. Mez

HowdThatTaste on :

cool VOX. i have that sitting next to me right now. it also runs on batteries. question: whenever flea busts out the electro-trumpet, does he always use that "rig"? (as far as you know, anyway) also, do i see a fifth member and keyboards stage right? can we get a pic of JK's setup? cool beans.

rhcp_schipper on :

Hello Dave, This is some great blog you have! There's so much info and so much fun to read here! Very great of you you're having such a blog! I was wondering if their was a posibility to take some more picture's of the gear of John Frusciante? I'm so curious to see some more pics of his gear! Sorry if this was asked to much before! Greetz from Tim Schipper from The Netherlands! (the reason my english is not the best!)

kerstin on :

hey, how you're doing okay you haven't updated in a while. sorry i haven't been commenting lately, it doesn't mean i haven't been reading! anyway, just wanted to send you some good feelings kerstin

Ian on :

How does the pickup on Flea's trumpet work? Is it a piezo contact mic or something more exotic? Keep up the good work!

Tom Carter on :

Hi, amazing blog, went through every page and its a great testiment to how hard roadies work. I am currently studying music industry management and want to get a job as a roadie one day, do you have any advice on how to get on the first step of the ladder? No probs if you dont have time to reply, i know you must be workin hard, the blog is a fantastic insight into how it all works, cheers, Tom (

Roi on :

hi, great blog. i've been looking for a something like this for years.. Can you please add a shot of frusciante guitars..? thsnk you very much

Rob on :

Hey Dave, I've been following your blog since Aug '06 after the Denver show. Awsome blog! I had a chance meet you after the show in Denver. I had mistaken Lampi Scott as the FOH guy and he let me know that he was a lampi right away and pointed you out. I was very thrilled that you let me in your work area and allowed me to check out the equipment. That really made my night out to the Chili Pepper's show that much more special. You did not have to but you did. Thank you. I look forward to your new blog entries. I hope all is well. Take care. missing my daily fix of the Rat blog, rob

Adam on :

Can you please get the after jam released as a B-side or something? Please?

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