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Day 325 April 13th - I am not lost, just distracted

I knew the day would come where the outside world would supersede my bloggery adventure and if anywhere is most likely to do it, Australia is the place. Australia is also a place that is being invaded by the poisonous lick able cane toad. Yuck! But I guess if you lick it you get wasted. I hear these damn toads are causing mayhem to the environment in many places here. I looked around for them in my travels but this is the only one I could find, so I licked it of course but I did not feel a thing.

So these toads were introduced in 1935 to Australia in order to control the cane beetle. The thinking being that toad will eat beetle, problem solved, beetle gone. Hey, that reminds me of a song. Something about an old lady who swallowed a fly. If memory serves, she swallows a fly but we are not quite sure why. So then she comes up with this grand idea of swallowing a spider that wiggles inside her to catch the fly. not being the most forward thinking woman she then swallows a bird to deal with the spider. Meanwhile, the whole time there is a major concern that she may die from the fly as things get worse and worse. Well, clearly the brainiac that came up with toad idea had not heard the song and even though "poisonous toad" was not directly discussed in the song's lyrics, one would think that logic would prevail. Especially considering the fact that the woman ends up swallowing a cow as things get clearly out of hand.

That all said, it will come as little surprise, I am sure, to find out that what occurred was toad ate everything but beetle and now there is beetle and toad problem. Since the toads are full of poison, not only do the toads eat everything but nearly everything that eats them dies. Hmmm, well the natural predators to the Cane Toad are the Broad-snouted Caiman and the Banded Cat-eyed Snake, I have an idea! How about we bring thousands of Caimen (read big biting lizard crocodile thing) and Snakes to solve the problem.

OK, enough is enough and soon I will be back on track,

Dave Rat



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anonymous on :

we thought you had been baited by that trap back on day 318.

andrew on :

Now you're down under I can give you some of the cheek we're famous for. I was wondering if your lack of posts might be on account of not finding wireless networks that you can hack into ! You have written about your exploits over the world to avoid paying exorbitant hotel fees.

Roi on :

hi! i've been looking for a blog like this one for years... this is great! can you please put here a shot of john guitars? thank you very much!!

Ignacio Gonzalez on :

Hi Dave! I follow your blog, and I just nomiated it for the Thinking Blogger Award. See award post at: Keep up the good work, and in turn nominate 5 blogs that make you "think." Happy travels! Ignacio Gonzalez Houston, TX

Gayterros on :

Do I know you????

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