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Day 334 April 22nd - Auckland Bungy Jump Special!!, Again!

Bungy jumping yesterday was so fun that we really had not much of a choice other than to go do it again. Plus, last night while out having some drinks with the Bungy crew, Roadie Daniel somehow agree to join us, much to his dismay we had no intention of forgetting.

**** Roadie Research Segment ****

In the wild, roadies are adventurous creatures filled with unbounded curiosity. Just feel the excitement that roadie Daniel radiates while exuberantly joining the other roadies on hunt for adventure

Look! Roadie Cliff has cleverly hunted down some food that was located in the Bungy office fridge, don't attempt to touch a roadie while eating.

Roadies, by nature, are extremely supportive of their peers, this deep compassion and sensitivity can be clearly seen below as roadies Cliff and Manny comfort roadie Daniel as the reality that he has actually agreed to jump off of the non-burning bridge, begins to set in.

Another aspect of merit that roadies are known for is fearlessness.

Please don't be frightened by the next photo as observing a roadie in 'fierce mode' can be quite traumatizing to the unprepared. Here Roadie Daniel is clearly a force not to be reckoned with

As the moment approaches, roadie Daniel could hardly be restrained as he dashes toward the precarious precipice

Looking downward, only further enthralls this adventurous roadie with determination and glee

Perch in attack mode, notice how Roadie Daniel's firmly grips the fabric of his handler's shirt utilizing the "pinch" method of attaching himself to the fabric. This is a rare and never before seen roadie trait. Legend has it that many centuries ago when roadies were wandering warriors, they would latch themselves onto their foes and hurl themselves from high places. Perhaps this fabric pinch is a genealogical instinctual remnant action from ages past?

And then after what seemed like an eternity, because it nearly was, roadie Daniel leaps to his destiny which was to dangle on a rubber cord over the water.

**** End Roadie Research Segment ****

OK, for those of you that ant to get better idea of what it feels like to actually Bungy Jump, here is a video where I leaned backwards over the drop and was let go while I held my little camera in my hand.


And finally, thank you to the AJ Hackett Bungy crew, here we all are up at the jump site

And back the the whole crew all together. Thank You!!!

And if you are ever in Auckland, pay them a visit and tell 'em the Peppers roadies sent ya!

The love to fly,

Dave Rat


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Anonymous on :

Hey! Awsome video! Jumping off a bridge really fucks with your mind. Its like your body is saying *noo dont do it* but for some reason you force yourself too! I wanna go skydiving! That must be the ultimate adrenaline kick! Danny

Dave Rat on :

Actually bungee is more adrenaline, sky diving is more like falling into a windy photograph of the earth way below. Bungee is darting toward the ground and the illusion of impending death. And yes, the "don't do it" factor is the challenge to overcome.

MKB on :

Priceless!!! If you could manage to pull a nice fish out, with your "free" hand, you would get bungy fishing! On DVD!!! Ahhhhhh!

Dave Rat on :

Now that would be impressive!

Dave Rat on :

The mind body war is exactly what I feel! I have sky dived several times as well. Bungy is far more thrilling. Sky diving is like jumpig into a windy photograph.

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