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Day 336 April 24 - The Motion of Stopping

So yesterday we flew home and enjoyed all the associated amenities that go along with trans-earth travel. Van rides, airport lines, shuttle busses, security lines, airplanes, more shuttle busses and finally a town car home

and the occasional oddity catches my eye for a picture.

Now, I guess that in the realm of avoiding being offensive to our neighborly fellow airporter's this makes sense but one has to wonder what could have possibly occurred where spitting in trash cans became such and issue that they hires a graphic artist, translator, metal plate maker and a handyman to create and install anti-spitting signs. One could also wonder about the cost of the endeavor as well as ponder whether airline passengers who find themselves encountering this sign while also in spit-preparedness-mode, would actually go "Oh, wait, I was just about to spit in the trash can, but I can't spit here, I wonder where the toilet is? and I sure hope there is not a line for the toilet."

I started out this blog with a loose structure and momentum and here I find myself now feeling more like it has been captured by the ways of the wind as my life transitions back from tour to day to day life. The words I write are focused on the concept of a life in motion and as the tour winds down, it involves less and less of the world I live. But it's not over yet as there are more adventures ahead and as I lay here in ben I wonder and hope that I have accomplished what I set out to do so many months ago. I guess time will tell as I must wait for hindsight to tell me whether the bloggery adventure truly captured the sensation of the state of mind, or states of mind of what it feels like to let go of life at home and tour and travel as a way of life.

And enough of that noise, I just got home, change gears and rock on in whole new direction. If it does not make my heart hurt when it ends, it was not worth starting in the first place.

Dave Rat


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hollis on :

wellcome home

Dave Rat on :

Thank You!!

Sander on :

Hi Dave, You still have approx. 10 gigs on the European festivals coming up right? How are you guys going to facilitate those? Bring your own console and hook it up to the festival stack or will it all be one big challenge again? Keep up the good work, I really enjoyed your bloggery adventures the last months! Thanks!

Dave Rat on :

The plan is to carry the "global system" which includes my FOH stuff and the monitor rig. We then hire the systems from a group of regional vendors to cover the gigs. Looks like dual hung PA stadium style is going to happen!

Anonymous on :

Wait, who's Ben? Hindsight?

Dave Rat on :

Hey!!! Where is your mind? I pondered going back and correcting spelling errors but ya know, it's just part of the bloggery beast.

Signature7 on :

Hi Dave, Well as weird as it is, I find myself here instead of with the ratketeers..But as you once said life is forever changing. Enjoy the change, enjoy the moment. You still have a huge road ahead, more problem solving and fun times. Say hi to Scott from me. As to the spit bins, mmmm I wonder too how they came up with that Idea! I must keep this big greeny in my gob until I get to the bathroom, what a laugh ha.. ;-) Take care and keep your alert, my turn is next with HP's Cheers to you Sig7

Dave Rat on :

Welcome and glad to see you made the hop! And looking forward to the HP pics. Ya know that the HP story is not common knowledge over here as it is in Peppers world.

Monique on :

I didn't realize that spitting had become such an epidemic in other places of the world...

Dave Rat on :

Ya know, I am not sure it has. I think perhaps silly sign making has become an epidemic.

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