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Day 370 - May 28th - Fast Forward to Almost Now

Day 370 - May 28th - Fast Forward to Almost Now

I have been moving from city to city for over a year now and also now I moving the place I return to between travels out and abound, oh boy! Well there are many joys involved with displacing one's self. The opportunity to place all your things in boxes. The chance to pay someone way too much money to break all your stuff while moving it and the exuberant mystery of the scavenger hunt of searching out items afterwards hidden in boxes afterwards. At least time was short and workload high mixed in with catching up and preparing to leave. My overload mode was complete and it is rare that I ask for help but without it submersion was imminent. I am beyond lucky that magical people will drop all, for my rescue. Here is a pic of where I decided to move:

After some thought, perhaps a bit of alteration is in order and the blank wall removed?

Ooops daisy, looks like all the wall fell off, oh well, not a big fan of wall paper anyway.

Say "Bye bye low ceiling." Say "hello big mess."

Why would a human voluntarily indulge in the misery of relocation, perhaps you ponder? Well, hopping to the other side of an infinite redundant traffic jam that divides my humanly self from my shorties and the world of Rat was an inspiration. Compounded by the fact that this small path leads to to the sea

PS. that is the shadow on monitor Daniel next to my head and he lives just two stop lights away now. Plus, this curious contraption feels attractive for reasons unknown

Though whether it's worth it is constantly under scrutiny so I must cling to my momentum of the original decision despite the obstacles that so cheerfully leap into my path or more realistically put; the obstacles I chose to create.

**** The Surrounding World ****

Oh, on a separate subject, here is something I found interesting on several levels. There is this guy Harry McCracken who is the editor for PC World Magazine who is quite possibly the most respected editor of computer stuff out there and he resigned early May. Turns out that he had new boss and in in less than a month he wrote an article that was censored. His new boss felt that an article he wrote was not so friendly to advertisers and was told to rewrite it, so he quit. I love that! Integrity vs. money in its purest form. Since then he has been rehired and his boss re-assigned. I love that too, integrity wins over greed. I love those things on a global level. Finally it turns out that the article he wrote was titled "10 Things We Hate About Apple"and I love that but on a more personal and opinionated lever. the reason the article was quashed was that Apple phoned PC World and requested that it not be printed. I don't love that. I believe that cheating by leveraging power to promote your products is a below the belt move. I am fine with success but only when earned rather than manipulated.

**** End The Surrounding World ****

Right now I am writing from notes and residing in Japan. Come join me, I wish you were here! Come soon and very soon I will fast forward blog to now in real time. Tomorrow in real time is a show at Tokyo Dome and in blog time? Well, we will find out soon enough.

Dave Rat



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Daniel Higgott on :

Ah awsome new place! I too just decided to move all my worldy possessions from one place to another. In the process of unpacking. What a pain in the ass! But also well worth it, because now I am in glorious London. Hurrah! Danny

Trace on :

Hey Dave It's Trace from NZ here. Thank Gawd you're back on the blog. Work hasn't been the same without it. I like what you've done to your new place - walls just get in the way, don't they? It would be timely to impart some important safety tips from the National Spa and Pool Institute: Do not allow the use of drugs or alcohol by persons using the spa. Do not allow swimming during thunder or other storms. Do not permit playful screaming for help (false alarms) which might mask a real emergency. Do not allow anyone of any age to swim without a "spotter" nearby. Keep toys, particularly tricycles or wheel toys, away from the pool or spa. I'm only looking out for your safety Dave. adiosu Trace

Rachelle on :

Welcome to Tokyo ... again ... Ratty san. Enjoy all the quirky pleasure that our fine Japanese friends have to offer. Yes, I too am feeling I am constantly on a moving-merry-go-round at the moment. It seems like a generational thing looking at the comments above. The world is far too small to stay put? Or we get bored by staying put? I have moved countries 3 times in the past 4 yrs and now again to the other side of the world for work - to Europe for the next year or so. Agh .... such a pity to leave NZ but I am ready for the next adventure..... The-almost-ready-to-stay-put-Rachelle ps. a jacuzzi is a must!

MKB on :

Holy Sheeite!! I guess thats not a rental!! Beach or Jaccuzzi... nice choice to have. Ahhhh CongRATulations!

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