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Day 378 - June 5th - 11:59 PM Lobby Call

Last night I was off to the gig at 11:59 pm took a look around and confirmed that all was under control and immediately headed back to the hotel 20 minutes later.

That was way back on June the 4th. Now that it is deep into the 7 AM hour of June 5th, lets go see what breakfast looks like downstairs.

Ewwww! yuck, look at all that horrible food, bummer! Oh well, don't want it to go to waste so I will have to eat it, I guess, before I start wandering around Tokyo for a bit to take another look. There are so many unusual things everywhere, it is really hard to know which ones to take pics of.

Not so cool of a place to call home but as far as living in a box goes, this is the nicest one I have ever seen.

For some mysterious reason I felt drawn to the crepe shop so I indulged in a carmel cream and ice cream crepe. Yumm!

Speaking of food, there is a restaurant a half block away where you put $ in a machine, press a button for you choice, a little ticket pops out and then you walk inside, hand them the ticket and they make that food for you.

At first it didn't make sense but after thinking about it, eliminating having the chefs take orders and handle the money does streamline things a bit. All good, fast and like $5 for a bowl of noodles.

And off to do the rock show.

Dave Rat


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