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Day 382 - June 9th - Time to go Home

So we say bye bye to Japan and hey look! Japan is saying bye bye to us with this specially constructed waving robot!

I can't remember the whole ordeal anymore but it went something to the effect of, 9:30 am lobby call, 12:30 flight from Osaka to Tokyo, hour long shuttle bus ride from one Tokyo airport to the other one, 2 hours of hanging out and then a 9 hour flight to LAX, 40 minute town car ride to North Hollywood, an hour drive to Oxnard, unload my bags and some stuff I grabbed from my unfinished moving and off to pick up my daughters, the little energy balls they are. While immersed in this meandering trek, I thought to myself "boy, it sure would be nice to have a cold beer." And look, a beer machine!

Having one of those at home would be dangerous.

Oh, and back to the pattern of tear apart the house, make a mess, clean it up and tear apart something else. Oh the joy!

Also, I will be diving in to trying to catch up on answering comments, I may be a bit slow but at least I am forgetful.

Dave Rat


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Greg Cameron on :

Dave Rat: " I may be a bit slow but at least I am forgetful." Kind of like what Karl from the Descendents once told me, "my penis is only a foot long, but it's as big around as a beer can." Welcome home. Greg

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