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Day 393 - June 20th - Don't Step in Bad Ideas

Speaking of good ideas, as much as I liked the cool blue insulation, adding a bit of drywall is probably not such a bad idea, and this is what I will leave behind, I wonder what it will look like when I get home.

At least things are getting put back together as I promise myself to stop tearing things out, must pack, must leave soon. "Do not think about the crowbar in the garage, or the hammer, or the saws-all with the diamond blade that cuts through anything super easy and takes out house sections in fairly neat clumps." And especially do not start wondering what is inside that ugly boxy thing over the entry to the kitchen.

Ooops! Oh well, shit happens!

Clean up time and the process of leaving ferments over time. What a year ago was anticipation and apprehension now has distilled into a sharp and abrupt disorientation. Swallowing the reluctance behind a smile, I pack away enough of my life to cover the essentials. As the plane flights lumber on, the feeling of displacement is consumed by jet lag as the endless engine whine shoves the metal human filled metal tube I ride through the sky, again. Glazed eyed security grumps remind me of sleeping with sand in my bed, annoying, can't be wished away and if I stop everything and deal with it properly, I can continue on with my day or night as the case may be. Van rides, hotel keys and familiarity sets in, in some far away land I have been before, but right now, hey, how about some beers, hanging with friends and we'll go do some rock shows. In the mean time some images and a recommendation to find Bilbao in your worldly travels.

Fourteen months ago I slept here. In this hotel, in this city, on this tour. I don't even need to take new pictures as our trip here 42 days P.B. (Pre Blog) look exactly the same as they would if new. Welcome to Bilbao, Spain, home of a Guggenheim Museum and a whole bunch of cool artsy stuff and across the street is a tiny little coffee shop/bar that makes amazing espresso's holds about 6 people and has sandwiches under the bar.

**** Ponderings ****

Bad ideas' implemented come plentiful when insecurities manifest themselves as over-achievers who subject those exposed to the ramifications.

Conversely, harmony is the absence of excuses. Clear vision absolute. Finding it seems illusive while the outcome so natural. Smiles in knowing. Decision, warmth in progress.

When people intentionally or otherwise place clumps of dog poo on the sidewalk of life I am walking, I try and avoid stepping in it, even if I have to alter my path a bit, as poo stepping is generally a bad idea, I guess, unless I have poo stepping boots on or if I worked on a farm where I would probably trudge right through it to get the job done, but right now, neither is the case so around the poo I step.

**** End Ponderings ****

Dave Rat


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Janine on :

Hey Dave, It'll all be worth it in the end.... be thankful that you are able to be so busy..... (not that I know if you aren't thankful I guess?! just thought you might need some encouragement at this point though!!!!) You have certainly contributed greatly to my recovery over the past 14 months, hearing the band live has really kept me going and I'm looking forward to *seeing* you at live earh and again in Glasgow yay!! Cheers Dave Janine x

Signature7 on :

Man if that was your only thing to worry about you would be a blessed dodge or not that is the question. And we know what doggy doo doo smells like on our shoes, Yes run to the toilet and dry reach.. can't stand it, Hey but I am a dog lover myself, but that smell.... ewwwwwww hey hope you are looking after yourself mate, you have a busy sced at mo, go with the flow jo. ;-) Talk soon me

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