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Day 395 - June 22 - Rock Show in Bilbao

The first of the shows on this three week run. The picture below pretty much sums up the way I feel. A big clustery mess of everything traveling in different direction, no where to relax and other than clinging to my passport, I really am not overly concerned about where myself or anything else ends up.

Oh great, here comes the bus to pick us up as I ponder the translation.

I realize that some gigs are better than others and if this whole "doing sound" sound thing does not pan for me, I guess there is always the green pant option of driving a micro-dozer to dream about.

And speaking of green, come take a look at my cubicle office where I will spend the day toiling away.

Uh oh, looks like once again those noisy neighbors are going to have another party. Oh well, since I can't beat 'em, I guess I will join 'em!

And darn it, I forgot to bring my camera for show time but hey, there is always tomorrow and the next day and the next and then a bunch of next's after that and then I will be home again. Sad to see this tour end like I was sad to say bye bye to my two little pals that I dropped off at sleep away camp, four forever days ago.

Off to make some noise, for a change,

Dave Rat


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kerstin on :

"passagierfahrt" (and i've spotted "lufthansa" in the other photo) was it just a layover in Deutschland? i feel like your entries have been progressively growing with an undertone of sadness. and the entries have been sparser, my assumption that touring is wearing on you may be incorrect, and i don't know what especially i can say to make you feel better, except to say i am sending you good thoughts. i feel immensely attracted to the lifestyle of touring but at the same time i see all these things in your entries (and in common sense) where it's like trying to straddle two completely different universes. and i can't imagine how difficult it must be to have to leave your twins. i kind of know what it's like to feel as if you have two homes. i have incredibly strong ties to both Germany and California and live in neither right now. this bizarre homesickness takes hold of me occasionally and the strength of it overpowers and confuses me. how can you choose between something like that? having a cubicle outside makes a huge difference. i'm working maintenance at an outdoor venue right now and i love that i am outside for my eight hours. wishing you (inner) peace, (self) love, and rock (which i'm sure you have enough of) Kerstin

Shelly on :

How could you leave those faces? Oh dear Lord, they would have to take me away kicking and screaming!!!! Jeebus!! Is this tour ever going to end? You poor dear. Don't drink the water. Shelly.

Ashley on :

Your daughters look EXACTLY like you! Dave, A kind of random question, but have you ever done a show in China? If not, what's the deal with tours always skipping it? Is it the government, the people, what? Just curious, considering that 1 in 7 people in the world are Chinese and they seem like kind of a big demographic to skip. Thanks! -Ashley

MKB on :

As I ponder the power and possibilities of music saving the world again, I think, I've seen it happen once before. OK then lets see it again. For some reason lessons learned were lessons lost. Those shortys are your best work yet DR.

James on :

Wow Dave, your daughter in the second photo is the spitting image of you!

Jon Bannan on :

Hey Dave, Hope all is well. Just wanted to say hope you guys stay safe traveling with all of this crazy crap going on in Europe. Good luck! Jon

Rachelle on :

Hi Dave!!! Good to see you back =) . Its kind of sad to see the end of your bloggery adventures so close =( . It has become a ritual of so many people to read and get great vicarious pleasured from your blogs every day .... It seems you are ready for it to end though. As fun as it looks it must be a little tiring after almost 2 yrs. I have just now experienced jetlag for the first time in ... ever ... and f*%&& it sucks. Been in my own little bubble unable to comprehend my new surroundings. But the haze is lifting and now I am happy to be living in London and galavanting round with my beautiful friends. And I am more excited cause I found a ticket to the Paris RHCP gig and couldn't NOT go being so close. I am meeting up with some of you lovely Ratketeer family (Evie and Kelly and Elena) as Clare and Ian can't make this show. I can't wait to see what they have in store for you..... hmmm ..... Just a thought - how cool that through your blogs people from all round the world are meeting at a show? - Nice! So sending you lots of energy ..... and see u in a few days Rachelle xxxx

Daniel Higgott on :

Hey Dave! Just picked up a ticket to Live Earth in London, I shall endevor to find you! Shouldn't be too hard, I think I know where to look :p Danny

martin on :

Hi,dave. I just wrote you a long comment about my honeymoon in bilbao at the silken grand hotel and your show and managed to delete it. Fuck. Maybe another day . All the best Martin Norway

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