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Day 398 - June 25th - Amsterdam - Don't Jump and Wave when Exiting a Helicopter

Yumm, the self indulgence of wanting something and having it come to you is a wonderful sensation. Such is the case with many things and one of those things is room service. Oh the anticipation, what delicious delectable's will appear on the push cart covered in metal caps.

With expectations nearly as high as the prices, surely a feast fit for a king will soon arrive as of course I am the king of this rent-a-room for at least another 4 hours. The unveiling occurs, stunned my heart skips a beat, behold upon thine eyes the magnificence.

Where to start and how to proceed races through my mind as I find myself devouring the radish chip. How could they have known that I love fancy cut radishes on slightly soggy chips and poached egg balls on micro toasts?

Today we play Amsterdam, or more accurately Nijmegen (pronounced nigh-megen) and I was slated for an hour plus van ride into the gig but there has been a change of plans and the vans won't be coming. With the 'main show' crew already onsite and myself doing a bit of straying from the roadie herd into the band camp, it looks like we will be taking an alternate form of transport over the traffic jam.

I love adventures and have been in these things several times but they never cease to feel like they are about to fall out of the air. Noisy and a bit of motion sickness but view was wonderful. Next stop, rock.

And there she blows, full double hung V-Dosc rig plus side hangs totaling 90 of the big boxes pushing sound from the main stage. Plus loads of subs!

And a few our friends that came to listen

Some people get a better view of the show than others and if you look in the lower left of the picture above the picture above, it looks like our pal in the hat is going to get the short end of the stick. But not for long as mini super hero Scott the Lampi points out the predicament and rally's the FOH'ers to grab a few road cases and some plywood for a fix.

Then, a few days after the gig, our friend in the hat sends Scotty an email, I guess he does some video work and is known as the Rolling Dutchman.

If you have looked at a lot of show photos, you may notice something a bit different in the shot below.

For some of the shows on this tour we have added full motion video screen in front of the sound system. These "soft," flexible and fairly transparent video screens do effect the sound a bit but the cool look factor is huge.

Night night, good morning! Wake up time and fly to Belgrade, Serbia. I admit I expected some surprises entering a land I have never been to

But it did catch me a bit off guard to find out that they do not allow dogs to smoke cigarettes when cats are nearby.

Next episode, lets take a look around.

Dave Rat


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Rachelle on :

hi dr - paris was fun - shame we didn't get to see more of you- even tho we saw a LOT of you. We had a bumped into Grier at the bar after the show so it was nice to have drinkies with him. You are such a good sport for sporting the HPs in the middle of a crazy busy show. Lots of fun. Show was great but my highlight of the weekend was definately exploring Paris with some great women - Kel and Elena. 2 days of no sleep too much wine and running riot. Never expected such a great connection with them Must be cool seeing all those friends from round the world coming to say hi at one show. Hey - but don't let it get too big DR - you'll soon need a security guard to keep all the screaming girls back. oh wait hold on - thats a good thing right! Jokes aside, it's time to publish the book ... Oh and - if anyone is reading these comments - does anyone need tickets to glasgow? I have 2 seated tix that I bought because I thought I couldn't make it to Paris =) here are some pictures shell

MKB on :

Big Big Up to Scotti and you all for helping those guys. That look of sheer joy on their faces says it all.

Grayza on :

Props for sorting out a good view for fans in chairs! nice one.

Iva on :

(what I did not manage to post yesterday) THAT was a sign at Nikola Tesla airport???? Holy...youknowhat. I am obsessed with funny warning signs and I take photos of them wherever I go and I have not realised that the funniest warning sign ever was in the suburb of the very city I'm living in. However, I tend to believe that it's the sing that tells fire-breathing dogs not to surf on cigarettes when cats are sleeping. I understand the sign language of my own country much better ;) I was at the airport at that time, picking up my Irish friend Fiona, one of your "apprentices" and she had a bag of candies prepared for you, actually: a bunch of lollipops, chocolate sticks, Smarties etc. So, her not meeting you was a bit of a benefit for me, as I ate all those candies, I still have two of the lollipops...eheh. I am quite happy to know that you didn't think we have lepracy (that was my mother's comment regarding some others) and that you did get here a day earlier. Eagerly awaiting the episode when you're looking around, though I'm guessing that they will be photos of ruins, maybe the Confluence and random stuff...however, I am here to explain everything you might not have understood, as I am really proud of my beautiful city, even though the poor thing was tortured and butchered so many times. It has the heart, it has arms that are hugging every single foreigner who drops by, it has the soul no other city in the world has.

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