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Day 400- June 27th - Udine

**** The Background of a Ponder ****

So a few days back or three, I was sitting with some friends and wine and as the night progressed I found that every word I spoke was met with disagreement from a long time friend. Everything I said was wrong, regardless of what it was. I even tried agreeing with him and that was wrong as well. Unfinished statements were wrong. I found that I was inherently wrong by default. To argue my position was uselessness as the other party had a predetermined and an unalterable perspective that I was incorrect, regardless of any facts, feelings or indications otherwise. Then the parallel's drifted in. Religious conversations where the other person bases their stance on purely believing without the need for a connection to an experienced or repeatable event. Political debates where underlying biases hinged on unalterable past experiences determine the stance taken. Nationality pride where staunch boldness and slogans of greatness are firmly planted in the fact that a person just happened to pop out of mom on one side of an imaginary border line or another. Racial variations where we are what we are so since change is not an option, we hunker down in our defensive or offensive positions. To discuss whether a religion, political party, country of race is more right or wrong than another with a passionate participant, which we all are on some level, is a precarious adventure indeed, so...

Rather than get wrapped up in the senselessness adversary, I listened and watched and thought. Then it dawned on me that perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps he is right and everything I say or am about to say is wrong, at least on some level or perspective. In that moment, right then, there was not a single thing I could say that was correct. That thought then spread like light to encompass all thoughts everywhere and always and illuminated a perspective that perhaps no one has ever been truly right nor ever will be, as someone will always have the ability to disagree.

And at that point the feeling of friction stopped and puzzlement turned to smile as I wandered of to my hotel room in all my wrongness and feeling great.

**** End - The Background of a Ponder ****

Italy feel refreshing. Mouthwatering. How can a whole country so perfectly and completely master the art of making delicious food? So off the roadies head for a stroll and a meal.

Ooooooh, looks like he got an "owie"

Everyone one was drinking these crazy looking orange drinks, so we curiosity inspired us to follow suit.

That is me on the left, you can always tell cause I am the one with the big nose. Next over is Roadie Tracy, beloved roadette, Lyssa B and Lampi Scott who's new nick name is "Dark Overlord." Our newest bus #2 roadette is Michelle who came out to play the roadie games with us again and finally Lampi Chad who seems to have acquired the nick name "Weak Underling." Am not quite sure who came up with the names but it makes for awesome radio chatter.

Over the walkee talkee's at the gig:

"Dark Overlord for Weak Underling"

"Go for Weak Underling,"

"Yes, we have a situation out here, need you immediately, copy?"

"Copy Dark Overlord, Weak Underling on the way"

Signing off for today, I leave you with a bit of graffiti I found on a wall.

Dave Rat


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Rachelle on :

so that is where your philosophical ponders of the other day emerged from. That is an interesting point - yet nonetheless that is just plain common sense to give someones ideas and points of views a go before dismissing them. Especially a friend of 20 years + ... Sounds like he/she has a problem with you not your ideas - or maybe they are having a bad day. I always remind myself that if someone is acting strange/ rude there is always something happening for them behind the scenes. Another one to remember is that if you react to someone in a certain way - chances are everyone is - so reacting to them in a different way might bring out a better and brighter side of them anyhoo .... nice looking organge liquid - what is it? looks like it would make one bounce off the walls

Dave Rat on :

I actually enjoyed the conversation and the dismissals shed an interesting light, all good! As far as orange, heck, I have no idea!

martin on :

I`ve had quite a few discussions that felt like that, and i had to spend day`s figuring out what was right for me and my basic understandings of the world. And in situations where my views are endangering a friendship and I need to "adjust" in a way to stay friends with people I love(who might seem to come from another planet)I allways find comfort in the words of the great philosopher Frank Zappa: "There`s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over". Great blog you have here, it`s very nice of you to tell the tales from the road so that we regular folks(who might wear an occational python boot) get to see what life on the road is like(unless you`re in motley crue). All the best Martin

Dave Rat on :

Thank you thank you Martin!

Alessia on :

Everyone one was drinking these crazy looking orange drinks, so we curiosity inspired us to follow suit. LOL! it's called SPRITZ APEROL! white wine + carbonated water + aperol (i don't know if you know what's aperol, so this is a link to explain it is also in english) but... do you like it?

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