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Day 23 - Berlin Show Day

Argh, morning. Must get passport, bus driver had them for border crossing. Odds are that my trip home tomorrow will go much smoother if I bring it with me.

Always know where your passport is. Passports tend to gain weight on tour, check out how big these ones are getting

Pile o Rat gear and the corresponding human (Daniel)


Mics and wires and stuff.

JF's rig has a 57 on the Silver Jubilee Stack, an SM57 and an EV Raven on the Marshal Major Stack and another 57 on Marshal rig 3 three that he plays the White Falcon through.

Kick Drum mics are and Audix D6 in the hole and a Shure Beta98 inside

In Chad's world the snare setup with an SM98 up and an SM57 below:

Toms have a custom clamp I made with a SM98, Chad hits so hard that all the off-the-shelf clamps move too much

And Flea's rig uses yet another SM98 grill mounted plus two DI's.One right off the Bass (clean) and a second after his effects (dirty)

End SoundNerdSpeak

Even though this place is a rough load in and a nightmare to cramp arena production into

it was really cool to do an outdoor show. The 15 minute outro jam with Ekkehard made it special as well. Ooooooh, big sound!

Load out over gravel and the first gig of next run is a festival so the gear needs to be divided up, no fun!

3:30 am, 4 hours till lobby call, phone battery drained, laptop battery near drained, Dave Rat very drained.

Good night

Dave Rat



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tyler on :


dred on :

Dave you made a mistake few posts ago in your input list, where you put sm91 into kick drum coz now you show us sm98 ;) take care ;)

Dave Rat on :

Look closer, that actually is a 91 in there!

dred on :

yep, but you wrote: Kick Drum mics are and Audix D6 in the hole and a Shure Beta98 inside. Some mistake ;) take care man!

grob on :

Hey Dave is that clamp or the beta 98 on the top snare a custom job as well as the tom clamps?

Dave Rat on :

The snare top is an Atlas MAC1 clamp with a Beta 98 gooseneck.

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