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Day 401 - June 28th - Udine

Hey look! It is a big stagey thing, life is so full of coincedences! I keep finding these things all over the world.

**** Roadie Research Segment ****

Though roadies can be observed and studied like wild animals, actualy many of today's roadies are highly trained technical professionals weighted with the task of maintaining, seting up and operating complex and often fragile equipment. Often this equipment ceases to operate as it should and is in need of some sort of repair. Below we can see roadies Dark Overlord Scott's and Weak Underling Chad's troubleshooting and repair techniques, upon discovering the lighting console was malfunctioning:

**** End Roadie Research Segment ****

So enter the Wu Tang Clan! Who opened the show and arrived 10 minutes or so before they were to go on stage, which really throws some people for a loop. Perhaps because if they don't show up, there is a bit of a problem as to filling the time slot. I have toured with Wu before, when they opened for Rage Against the Machine in 1997. That tour was "eventful" to say the least and some new crazy story showed up daily. And I do like the Wu and it was cool to see them back together.

And a few pics from another day at the office.

Oh look at what time it is! It is my relative 5pm of my 9 to 5, so time to punch my time card and head on out, see ya tomorrow.

Dave Rat


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howdthattaste on :

hey dave, those are some good JF *head* pics! jk. ;) keep up the blogging!

Dave Rat on :

I dunno, she was not feeling well and was having trouble communicating.

Thomas on :

Did I already say, that Dark Overlord and Weak Underling rock? Real Roadies should definetly react like that on successful Troubleshooting with their beloved Equipment. What was wrong with the GrandMA? Greetings, Thomas

yespa on :

hi dave. we came to udine, great show. i also came at the end of the show with my friends (5 ugly dirty guys) at the mixer to say hallo to you and scott. and we are so proud of our brand new rat stickers! i'm so sad we haven't take a picture with you and scott... ps: why no versa tubes or moving head for us in italy?

Dave Rat on :

Ahhhh, well the lack of "air hooks" that would have allowed us to attach them over the heads of the audience was the issue for some of them. Much easier when indoors to fly that stuff. Since the show was "incomplete" without the overhead versa tubes and moving heads, they did a redesign for the "stadium style shows"

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