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Day 402 June 29th Munich Show Day - All things Are Inter-Connected or Sometimes Not

Typically roadie busses involve a few hang out areas, a bunk section and toilet. Occasionally a shower shows up invariably wit a little sign that says "do not use the shower." Well, imagine our glee when the bus company brought over their newest latest and greatest! A bus with a queen bed suite in the back and a bath tub. Oh, just think of the possibilities as we all line up for the sloshy tub after a hard days work, truly a handy concept. Here we can observe roadie Bill partaking in testing the tubbing delights.

**** Highlight of the Day ****

Yes, it is back, the long lost but not forgotten section! Look what we found! You just have to watch the You Tube video before scrolling down any further, I promise, it is worth it.







Not yet!!



Watch the You Tube Video first!!



Then scroll!!



OK, now look. Hellooooooooo!

Meet roadie Manny the Rigger. Legendary would be fitting. Notice the half eaten habanero pepper in his hand combined with the calm cool collected "about to explode" look on his face. Roadies like hot peppers, even habanero's I ate one, Scotty ate one, Chris Warren ate one, Daniel? Well, not so much, he ate a few tiny bits of one. Some roadies like hot peppers more than others. Habanero peppers are hot, but not when compared to molten lava.

Oh look! A cute little baby PA system, how adorable!

End of Munich part #1,

Dave Rat


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Anonymous on :

The fussball table is fantastic! Did Dave Lee and Scott play a game? Would be hilarious to watch that. How appropriate that the roadies like hot peppers as well! A quick question for you Dave - I'll be seeing the Peppers at the Reading Festival next month. I go to the festival every year and the sound quality is best described as 'Unpredictable' Do you or anyone in the Peppers camp have any input into the PA setup that is used at festivals or do you just have to make do with what you are given by the organisers? Many thanks for the blog, I've been enjoying it for a long while and will be sad to see the end, which is not far away....

Dave Rat on :

We wanted to play but could not locate the balls. As far as Leeds and Reading, like most long term festivals, there are a pile of politics, preferred vendors and aliances that make getting the gear we want a bit of a chellenge. I always try but only succeed sometimes, I pick my battles. Other things like noise restrictions further complicate things. We will see what happens and will do my best to get the "right gear" and regardless of what I get I will do my best to make it sound good.

rachelle on :

bill don't look so comfortable in that bath ... speaking of finishing this blog - are u going to ween us off slowly or make us go cold turkey? could be dangerous for some .... don't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Rat on :

I have no idea what I am going to write each day as it comes and no idea when writing wont. We will just have to see, I am as curious as you are!

spyder on :

Yes, I agree with rachelle, please don't go!!! Reading your blog has been a wonderful experience, a real through-the-looking-glass view of the roadie world AND the world of Dave Rat, of course. I would miss it sorely.

Dave Rat on :

Well, we will have to see. Maybe blogging on will give me a good reason not to let my life get boring.

Monique on :

"Habanero peppers are hot, but not when compared to molten lava." niiiiice. haha! =D

yespa on :

don't go, keep blogging. even from your house... this blog has become my homepage...

rex on :

ah now it makes sence. i cant get over that foose table its incredible

Chris on :

Hey Dave I was in the 1st row at this concert! We really wondered what had caused that incredible noise the amps made. Now i know it^^ Dave Lee waved and smiled at us as we shouted his name^^ Could you please post some pictures from the show in Munich? You tech's and everything guys really do a great Job. Greets Christoph

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