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Day 24 - Bye bye tour! - Fly home!


7:10am. Eyes burn, hope I have all my stuff, breakfast time and I can't wait, so hungry and look, Oh Boy!

A yummy delicious bowl of raw hamburger, I better get in there quick before the rest of the crew gets down here and gobbles it up.

I made a friend in the lobby and a tearfull goodbye

My chariot awaits me

Splatter and Scatter. Everyone is heading in different directions, some stay, some take a holiday and for me, it's all about home. Six roadies on my flight, everyone else I will see next run unless I don't.

And home. So nice to be home. Even though for some strange reason I now have to bend my laptop to get it to fire up, there is a puddle all the way down the street from a leaky sprinkler (can't wait to see the water bill), its 90 degrees in my house and the air conditioner seems to have decided to stop working and my mail box is jammed full of hopefully paid bills and I find myself wishing I had turned off all the lights in the house.

At least I have till a week from sunday to get it all together before I am off to Euro Leg 2!

And for a week, back to pretending to be a normal human until the next excursion out with Roadis in Midst.

Dave Rat


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Jesse Mahoney on :

Dave, just wanted to say thanks. As a young guy just starting my touring days, I really appreciate you taking the time to put it all down in writing for us. cheers.

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