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Day 411 - The End, Almost

So off we dash to gig #2. A 1 am show time in Denmark. Bleary delirium haze as the sun is too shiny for the slow motion muscles. Auto pilot pulled by the momentum of being done and going home tomorrow, hurray!

Oh, I remember this place. Lets head out to front of house and I specifically carried boots this trip for this particular show. Ah yes, the familiarity slips back in.

Another day, another PA and some familiar songs as I find myself once again surrounded by thousands of happy humans.

So, I turned it up of course, as me the soundie so naturally would and should. Uh oh, what do I do now?

I know exactly what do! Sally forth, onward ho and away we go with some more of the same!

11 am flight tomorrow. It's 3am now so night night and see ya from the other side of the Atlantic pond soon.

Dave Rat


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Jay Rigby on :

Hey Dave, What software is that? Thanks, Jay Rigby

Henrik on :

Hey Jan. It's a danish develeped software called 10Eazy. A great program made by a soundy for soundy's /Henrik

Dave on :

I'd also like to know what software that is. Thanks!

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