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Day 15 Post Tour - Monday Sept 9

Though I vanish at times, I rarely disappear and if all runs smooth I hope to stick around in this bloggery world for a while. I woke up pondering and about how cooperative efforts of multitudes of humans with a common direction, makes me happy and I came up with a new interactive project that requires help from y'all, my bloggery friends. So after after thousands of hours of sharing my world and adventures and no advertisements, no strings attached and free for fun free, I have a favor or task or adventure to ask from all of you. Perhaps view it as the final exam, the beginning of something with no end or an interactive group public extension of the blog. Either way, if you go to you can freely add edit and generally mess around with the evolving content of Roadiepedia. I would very much appreciate a bit of your time throwing some of your view, knowledge or personality into the mix and helping build what I hope to be something fun, funny and informative.

And with said said, lets more forward into the past.

Day 456 - Aug 24 - Reading

We have a day off in Reading which I am a bit sorry to say that Reading (pronounced redding) is not the epicenter of thrillsville and the big Festival here seems to be the life of the city. That said, it is cool here and a wonderful day for an excursion.

Now correct me if I am wrong but do the two police officers off to the right resemble Laurel and Hardy? And also notice that the skinny on has tons of pockets and obviously is carrying everything while the big guy has none. Oh, and hello coffee and Lee!

So off on a train ride head Lee and I

To go visit a legendary sound system builder designer named Tony Andrews. I had never met Tony before and on my mind is that just about everything he designs is almost the exact opposite of the methods I follow. He is all about horn loaded boxes and very anti line array. I avoid horns at all costs and love a well designed line array. Two completely opposing points of view yet we have chatted on the phone as someone I hold much respect for as the innovative system designer of the Turbosound Flashlight, Floodlight and many other forward thinking audio products. I am both honored and apprehensive.

The Funktion One shop is located behind their house in the countryside and it is an inventors dream. Everything needed to to design and build from the ground up. Audio stuff everywhere and a a virtual playground for sound nerd such as myself. Common ground. I could feel it was there though I could not put my finger on it till I was there. Aside from striving to design cool audio things I find our directions are not different, only the paths chosen to get there. Non-processor dependant designs that do not require hi tech electronics to make them listen-able, now that is something we agree on. The adventure cold not have been more fun and a wonderful dinner and brain challenging discussions and how cool is it that I get to hang out with famous audio humans!!

And speaking of audio innovations, how about those Greeks? This is a cool audio article on the ancient's sent to me by Lisa

Till a different now which will be next,

Dave Rat


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Christopher Dean on :

During your visit to Funktion-one did you have a chance to demo some speakers. If so what are your impressions.

Dave Rat on :

I did demo the speakers and must say that I was impressed by how good he got horn loaded boxes to sound with no EQ, no processing. That said, I still prefer the sound of non horn loaded enclosures. The Funktion One gear was very dynamic which is cool and can be an asset for some applications. Conversely, I for the bands I mix or have mixed, I typically use compression on most instruments via subgroups to reduce the dynamics and make the band audio more controlled, so for me I am not sure that the highlighted dynamics are optimum. Though I do feel that for some bands, clubs and pre recorded music, that that dynamic impact could be right down the alley of what someone may be looking for.

Rachelle on :

Roadiepedia!!!!!!!!!!!! Great idea - but another thing to make me less productive at work..... Can anyone add images to it? Can you explain how to do this?

Dave Rat on :

Yes, anyone can add images. Either follow the upload link or if the image is already on the web, you can just put a link in the page you edit.

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