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Day 22 Post Tour - Monday Sept 16

First of all **** Kudo's to all that have been rocking out on Roadiepedia! Awesome to see it growing and I check the recent changes every day and chip in when I can. I love the mix of serious, informative and sarcasm developing. All good!

**** Dormant Roadie Babble ****

Slowly the layers of tour habit peel a way as I re-acclimate, sometimes begrudgingly, to the world of home. I love my own bed but changing and washing sheets, well, not so much. My fridge 'food to consumption' ratio is way out of whack and I buy way too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right ones so I end up hungry as toss I out things gone rotten. I do a short run to the beach and back each morning which definitely makes my day better, I would love to get some serious exercise but instead I run around from project to project still feeling a sinking sensation that I think is for the most part illusionary as I know I am making headway, I just have so much catching up to do that the progress is not readily apparent. Have you ever tried walking to what appears to be a nearby mountain only to find it is like ten miles away?

If the darn house would be done, it would sure help. Then I could unpack from the garage, then I could have room to work on projects in the garage and I could find things without searching and un stacking tons of boxes. Almost ready to get the molding caulked and everything primered except the guy that did the molding messed up and mounted it all backwards around the doors and screwed up some other stuff too. The contractor is like "there is no way I can let this stay like this, it would kill my reputation." And I am like "oh, and also it looks really bad too!" So after that I get final inspection, then I have a few more projects that do not require a building permit but if I start them now, the inspector won't sign off on inspection till they are sealed up, aaargh. So all this work I could get out of the way needs to wait wait wait some more.

**** End Dormant Roadie Babble ****

**** Sound Nerd Speak ****

On another note, I am really excited about progress with MicroWedge products.

I have been working on designs for a complete series of stage stage monitor products for some time now. Seven years ago I got a patent on the design and licensed it to Radian Audio to manufacture and distribute. While Radian did a pretty good job of getting a few of the products to market, without a dedicated engineering staff, it was really tough to get the rest of the complimentary designs done, processor settings refined and such. Anyway, I had been approached by several larger companies interested in the MicroWedge designs and when the contract with Radian ended in May, I was able to seriously follow up. Hence my adventure as a designer/consultant has begun with a company called EAW. I even got to hang out with Jeffrey Cox, the Prez who used to run L'Acoustics, all good!

Hurray! We get to build cool audio toys!! Not only that, I get to work with and hang out with all these incredibly brilliant audio engineering humans. Finally after all these years I feel like my dream of making all these cool designs I have been working on for so many years will become a reality. If I was a rock band, this would be the equivalent of me getting signed to a major label after putting out 3 albums on an independent. Except for the fact that most audio companies are not all creepy like record companies tend to be.

**** End Sound Nerd Speak ****

Next up is "Dave and Scott brave the wilderness known as the crowd." What will they find? Is it safe? Will they be eaten? The answer to those and many other questions, coming soon to a blog post near you.

Dave Rat



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Bradley Sconzert on :

Congratulations Dave!!!! EAW is an awesome company and they make some incredible stuff already. They should really help take your MicroWedge designs to the level you want them at.

Janine on :

Ahhh now I see what you were talking about when we met in Scotland! (I knew it would all make sense eventually!) ha ha... Congratulations Dave, me and my 'crew' wish you every success :) Janine x

Sander on :

Congrats Dave!! Sounds (oink-oink) like a really good deal! If you combine both the Ratsound and the EAW reputation only a top of the line product must materialize! :-) Looking forward to it!

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