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Day 24 Post Tour - Monday Sept 18

For all y'all in the industry and even if you are not, who would like to nominate lighting, audio, trucking, staging, bussing and other entertainment entities for the annual Parnelli Awards, go to this link and rock out, vote for some, vote for all or none!

Day 456 - Aug 24 - Reading Festival

So as we approach the our last hurrah, Scott and I decide that we can not end without one last adventure into the roadie wilderness known as the crowd. Shhhh, as we lay low and creep off into uncharted lands the sensation of danger is imminent. Quickly we discover that to wander astray could have dire consequences. Hmmm, I wonder if this is the right way?

After a brief pow wow, Scott and I decide that we will heed the words of the yellow sign and follow a less ominous path. Stealthy we blend.

It appears that the natives posses a certain fondness for an effervescent yellowish liquid called beer. It also appears that warm beer is some sort of criminal act so they have placed an amnesty booth allowing the contraband to be traded for the more legal cold stuff. Notice the Function One PA off to the right. Hmmm, clearly a supporter of beer coldness perpetuation.

Wow, truly and advanced society! Here we find a reciprocal setup that pays cash for used beer cups. Very cool. My expectations are high that indigenous punters keep their cages quite clean.

It is not uncommon when out in the field observing nature that one will be so fortunate to observe the regional life forms involved in the mating ritual. With much care we creep up and grab a rare shot indeed.

Cleanliness is paramount in this tribe. Observe the female nonchalantly exiting the restroom as the hazmat team disinfects the area.

Approaching the outskirts, we stumble across the local watering hole. Both Scott and I dare not get to close as, like most creatures, punters do not like to be disturbed while quenching thirst.

I seem to have lost Scotty. where could he be? After much searching, I was quite surprised to find him dangerously close to the punter nesting grounds. "Hey Scott, what are you doing?"

Uh oh. As we all know, every silver lining has a cloud. what do we have here?

Ooooh, look! A swimming hole!! Perhaps this is where they bathe?

Feeling a bit home sick, Scott and I head back to the the roadie herd where we find safety and solace in our beloved front of house area.

The happiness of the rock show.

And, oh nooooo! Does that say 99.4 db in red? Is that what they consider too loud? How can that be? At least please give me 103. This is like driving on the freeway with a 40 mile an hour speed limit.Oh well, never forget it could always be worse.

One more show to go! See ya tomorrow.

Dave Rat


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Mike on :

What software are you using in the bottom picture to comply with the audio police?

Dave Rat on :

The sound monitoring people brought it in , here is a link the manufacturer.

Steve on :

What was the level you had to keep to? I live in sunny Reading (and was nearly shocked when you decided not to explore it earlier in the thread, then I remembered that Reading is great cos its easy to escpae from) and where we used to live we could hear the festival. Normally found the crowd was noisier than the PA. Also, just how amusing could this thread had been if your "desk surfing" had involved a slip and landing on the desk!!!!!

Monique on :

I'm constantly shocked that people don't take responsibility for their own trash at these events. By this time, people should know there are never enough garbage bins around at festivals, so the best thing to do is bring your own grocery bag and store your trash in there until you can get to a garbage bin. If that means taking it with you back to the car until you make a pit stop somewhere on the way home, so be it. Sheesh.

Jon on :

The real shame about people leaving their trash everywhere is that at Reading Festival you can collect free garbage bags and then take a full bag to a recycling point and exchange it for a can of beer. As Dave quite rightly points out, the punters at Reading do like a bit of beer and surely a free beer in exchange for not having to wade through piles of junk to get to your tent would be preferable? I guess even a free beer isn't enough to change some people's laziness..... Anyway, Dave - what happened at the start of the Peppers show? Seemed like John's guitar was cutting out and the band had to stop the first song (which ironically was 'Can't Stop') - was this a guitar problem or the infamous Reading PA playing up?

Anonymous on :

haha that pic on top of the midas is funny

rex on :

oops sorry david that was me waves hi

Harley on :

Ahhh the filthy walk out to FOH come show time. It is interesting to see the place so clean and calm without punters at load in. A few short hours later filthy, and disgusting is how I would describe it at load out. The sound police certainly do not make the experience any more pleasant. Headroom for days because you never get to push it very hard. But like you said, it could be worse. And at some point it will be.

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