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Oh boy, I feel like finally collected my bags and made it home for real. When flying high peering out the window hurtling through space in a metal tube, it is not till the ground approaches that the true realization of breathtaking speeds traveled comes to bear. When land does arrive under foot, the body stops but the mind keeps going, spirals and jet lag concoct a delirious mixture fading side effects so ingrained that full awareness only occurs in hindsight from a perspective untainted by the jet laggery. Ahhhh, yes acclimation. Reality really does move slower at home or is it faster as I can not comprehend how I fit nearly a blog a day into my life full of rock shows on tour where I struggle to fit a one in every two weeks at home. Oh well!

So, in no particular order let's head to Florida where

I mixed a Led Zepplein tribute band named "Physical Graffiti" for the EAW Stage at ET Live.

I must say, it was challenging, but hey, if it was not for challenges, I would be really bored. And speaking of board, I mixed on a EAW UMX 96 digital console. As you know, I am not a digi board fan but that did not stop me from having go and it hurt my brain like driving the wrong side of the road but I made it through and there was even a few things I liked. Shhhh!

One of those things was the ultra convenient and useful .....

I can not stress enough how important it is to use this control with the utmost of care. If you want to know a bit more, take a look here:

Helping me navigate the my way around the board and to whom I owe a tremendous thank you, please meet Ferrit (he also does a blog) on the left. On the right is the legendary sound engineer Robert Scovill.

Oh, and check out the new EAW MicroWedge! I got to hear the near final version with a few new updates implemented. It is almost done! I feel like a little kid all excited over speaker.

It seems the trend toward "small" is really catching on and the miniaturization trend is pushing the envelope. And though the MicroWedge's are small, they are not near small enough for some applications. And as you can see below, clearly there is a valid demand for development of the PicoWedge...

With no sign of in ear monitors, clearly these musicians are having a difficult time hearing and are in dire need of some PicoWedge's

But we can't work all the time so I went for a visit to see a Ben Harper show, another amazing artist that is not only talented but super cool and surrounds himself with more of the same.

OK, and now I must head off to my new found soul centering passion, surfing, hurray!

Oh, and if you want to join me for a surf, here is a web cam of where I go every morning from 7 to 9 am . I am usually just far of in front of the parking lot. Coming up next blog will be some pics of my super cool surf pals.

Dave Rat


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Alexander Chapman on :

Thankyou for writing about your life and travels.

yespa on :

you are so diplomatic in the video... but you don't fool me: it really sucks! long life to analog desks!

Shelly on :

I saw you on the BEACH CAM!!! You are wearing your Gull suite, and so are your 45 friends!!! HaHa.....

John Garlick on :

I went to The Mars Volta show at UCI, the V-DOSC with your Rat subs was absolutely amazing!!! i couldnt believe the who thing was mixed on a profile, the small digi board really has some depth. I also met Toby (FOH), nice guy... anyways cant wait for another post.... when does your microwdge come out?

Justin Beneke on :

Dave you are truly an amazing person. Ever since I met you in Minneapolis after RHCP w/ Shaun and Karissa I have complete faith in anyone being able to achieve the impossible. Impressive how you were falling down drunk the night before you mixed a packed arena. Truly amazing. By the way, when the microwedge comes out I'm swapping my monitors for those. Can't wait!!!

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