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Day 35 - Arrive in Brussels

Nothing but bleary dreary today, nice outside but the battle of the lag is on. I have a whole lot of nothing going on today so we may as well talk about something fun, like like things that make loud noises!

Here is a pic of Chad's drumfill setup

It is two dual 15"/dual 10"/2" Rat Trap cabs and a dual 15" Rat Microsub. Sitting back there will make your hair stand on end when hit the drums. Plus there is a drum thumper under the seat as well.

His drum kit not only is coated in a luminescent skin, each drum actually lights up when you hit it! The drum mics split out to a small rack near the drum riser that has a little mixer into 4 gates that trigger the lighting drum shells. And rumor has it that more cool stuff is coming soon but I wont spoil the surprise.

Here the drums are in their 1/2 lit state:

**** SoundNerdSpeak ****

And here is a picture of a baby squirrel crawling on my arm:

**** End SoundNerdSpeak ****

Dave Rat


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