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**** Sound Nerd Speak ****

So I found this interesting

and I was happy in that one of the larger festivals in the world has adopted the double hung PA concept and an honor that something I spent so much effort on, is catching on. And saddened a bit as well that the company did the press releases as if they had come up with the concept on their own. Which is entirely a feasible possibility as the idea of a side by side PA makes a lot of common sense. Had I not been at that same festival:

on the last Peppers tour while touring with a double hung PA, I discussed the concept with that same company, it's feasibility and advantages. Otherwise, I would have given them the benefit of the doubt that they stumbled on the same idea. That is not to say that the Peppers tour was the only time versions of a dual system have been implemented, though to the best of my knowledge, the Peppers tour was the first time it was implemented to increase the headroom and clarity of a large scale line array system.

**** End Sound Nerd Speak ****

**** Other Nerd Speak ****

So, what else is up? Well, I thought this was cool. A 6 Stroke gasoline engine that improves efficiency by adding water injection and expansion strokes while increasing cooling and eliminating the radiator

Kind of a unique and creative way to massage existing technology in a refined direction.

**** End Other Nerd Speak ****

Me? well, I have been reading emails and notes an such sent to me but lax on responding much. So strange how time slows down and all the gaps fill when I stop moving around the world quickly. The question I so often heard, "Where do you get all the time to write the blog?" is now one I find myself asking.

Speaking of time and being honored, I am taking the time to travel up to AES as I have been asked to speak on a workshop forum discussing microphone techniques.

Fair enough, I can handle talking about that and what is really cool is that I will be on the forum with none other than Dan Healy. Some may ask "Who is this Dan Healy guy?" Well, Dan not only mixed the Grateful Dead for many years but also was involved in developing the "Wall Of Sound" PA.

Oh and if any of you are coming to AES, please come say hello!

And finally as a last note in this picture less blog, I thought this was interesting:,0,3764260.story

Cows naturally prefer to point north, according to Google Earth images. Hmmmm, if credible, it does lend itself to us earthly critters being a bit more perceptive than those who thought not may have thunk.

Dave Rat


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Tim on :

What is it they say? ... "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

marc rosal on :

they are self proclaimed imitation, dave rat has the real credit for double hang PA

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