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Day 36 - Day off in Brussels

And my new home sweet home:

A day of calm before the storm and it feels warm in the sunshine! Brussels is grandiose! Old, beautiful, French speaking with a Germanic feel. A place to remember to visit.

My head blocking your view of an amazing building a few blocks from the hotel:

Something about this place seemed to have such a laid back feel to it, Tracy ponders this thought.

There is a strange affinity prevalent here for selling little characters of all types, here were some of my personal favorites:

And after such a warm and wonderful day we could not help but dream of fun things to do. Here you can see Scott and Tracy have their hearts set on some sort of little vacation:

(Ha Ha! a little pay back to Scott! Tracy sorry, just consider it taking some friendly-fire)



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Louve on :

Hello, Brussel is magic and pretty city... Want you to ask Anthony well to return to Belgium for a concert...We are to remain on our hunger with ROCK FESTIVAL Werchter While hoping to have a response of your share or group! Kisses with all

doogie on :

What little town is that, that church looks just like one I took a picture of there this this summer in Ostend.

doogie on :

well duh, it does say brussels.

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