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Day 42- Travel Day to Derby, UK

**** Roadie Research Section ****

Carefully sneaking up on Roadie Scott, I was able to capture a shot during yesterday's show. Notice the colorings along his back, I assume it must be some sort of camouflage or possibly a defense mechanism to ward off potential predators or maybe even something to do with attracting a mate? This particular Roadie is charged with control over illumination of the Rock Gods.

**** End Roadie Research Section ****

Anyone got a broom?

One nice thing about the UK is that it stays kind of cool and rainy here so there is no need for those noisy air conditioners that are common elsewhere in the world. Accordingly, we have been enjoying the luxury of our non-AC hotel rooms that have nice heaters. Oh, and check out the newspaper today!

And I did some subterranean train riding:

Dave Rat



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fakiekid on :

Hey the pic of Scott at the top of thae page im just out of shot to the left i was stood just there :-( keep up the good work Dave. keep wearing the red wig lol Chris

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