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Heavy Gear

Heavy Gear

So getting ready to tour with Soundgarden and the gear left on trucks today. I cool K1 rig and lots of toys. Jamie and the rest of the shop Rats have spent the last week or so building up the ,complex kluge of gear for the run and it should be cool. Here is snap of the FOH racks as I will start the tour. I have some fun new things going on with subs that I am hoping will pan out as planned. A newer cleaner setup to replace the vortex, though not quite as sexy looking plus some new control features I am pretty psyched about. I am planning on setting up sideways again with the console controlled by my right hand as I face forward towards the band. In front and off to the right will be the racks shown below. The goal is to have a wide open space between the band and I with no gear between while being able to clearly see the RTA, system EQ's and the rack gear. Stepping back will allow a full scan of everything going on with the system.

The Dorroughs meters are new and I am hoping the average versus peak simultaneous metering will do a good job of giving a clear visual on how well the subgroup compression technique I use is working. For more info on that, check out the youtube video I did on the subject.

Cool cool, excited to get out and about have some fun getting this rig dialled in for some epic gigs with a super cool heavy band!

-Dave Rat



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Dave Stagl on :

I would love to hear more about your new subwoofer technique.

Joe Lepore on :

Hey Dave, Nice Rack .. I mean racks! Nice efficient layout - just the thing for mixing in the dark! Wish you were coming back towards Minneapolis with this rig - would love to see what you have up your sleeves with the new sub config!

Nicolas Melgarejo on :

Woooow!!!! and should sound good

stefano soffia on :

Dave, Hi, have been reading your blogs for a while now, I truly enjoy them, thanks for sharing your knowledge!! Quick one on the Tonelux: do you use the tilt on them? How do they differ from the Midas, tonally? Thanks, and have a great great tour!! Stef

Dave Rat on :

The tonelux are clearer sounding in the midrange. I do use the tilt slightly to dull or brighten and if I can get away with leaving the Midas EQ bypassed I do.

stefano soffia on :

Thank you Dave. Stef

aaron on :

isn't the bss 901 II a parametric comp on the subs? do you use a shelf or bell setting on it? i always feel my compression scheme gets messed up a bit when subs are on a aux

Dave Rat on :

Well, I tried the 901 on the subs but they did not work well at all. I was just using it as stereo compressor. Switched to a pair of Aphex expressors that are working well

aaron on :

I have been using a dbx comp on a subs with it side chained to my bass guitar sub group comp. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, but for the band I've been mixing it turns the sub kick down a bit and lets the bass guitar speak. The Aphex expressor 651 is cool! I have 6 of them.

Sondre on :

Hi! You set up the channels WITHOUT compression until it sounds good. Then you add all of them to a 0V VCA. You send the instruments into sub-groups, and insert COMPRESSORS on them. Then you gain the compressors so that they are just below 0 dB. You set the compression threshold to 0 on the band and around +4 on the vocalists, and ratio a bit high. Then you set the volume on the subgroups to sound good. Then you add a 0V / 0dB VCA to all the sub-groups. Then you back off a little on the VCA WITH COMPRESSION on a regular song, and bump it up on a heavy song. You do the opposite when the music shall have much expression. Right? Thanks :)

Chris Mitchell on :

Hi Dave, What model Dorrough meters are the large ones?

howdthattaste on :

this for the upcoming chili pepper tour posts i can't wait to read... so i've seen some of the secret-show footage on youtube. so i noticed that the peppers seem to have two extra members, some percussion, and possibly some synth? def interested in what their setup/gear is. as well as Josh's rig, which is new in the sense that he's lead guitar now.

audio rental on :

The tonelux are clearer sounding in the midrange. I do use the tilt slightly to dull or brighten and if I can get away with leaving the Midas EQ bypassed I do.

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