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Hey, Lets go Over There!

Ok, it has been 5 1/2 years since I started a blog on Chili Peppers tour in '06.  Had no idea where it would go or really even that anyone would read it.  To be perfectly honest, I did it to remember.  To remember the adventures of travel and to captures snapshots of the details that hopefully would be spontaneous enough that at some future date I could look back and feel a how it felt.  I wanted to document the experiments with sound so there was a feeling of progress in my life rather than an endless stream of unfinished projects.

Well, who woulda knew the added dynamics, interactions and adventures it would bring.  So fun, so cool and to meet so many people all over.

Anyway, I am going to bring this blog to an end, or at least let it rest.  I am not one much for repetition, I love excitement, change and motion. And to put it more simply, it is a real pain in the ass to blog this way.  I actually have been writing the posts in Dreamweaver, crushing the pics down in Firefox, uploading pics, then embedding links, then saving and finally copying the HTML code into the blog, posting, testing and done.  

So it has been that inconvenience rather than the lack of things to post that has grinded the blog to a crawl

Still in the learning curve, and hoping the wordpress world will bump it up a notch toward smoother and the new Dave Rat blog address is:


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howdthattaste on :

hey, just to let you know, i totally appreciated all the RHCP posts from the last touring cycle and was looking forward to this so much! (especially since we got some new musicians and instruments on this album/tour). it was great and i love every bit of the nerd speak even though i did understand all of it. it felt like i was one of the crew. please reconsider! maybe just a few quick snaps of equipment and people with funny hats along with a few one-liners would be great! (oh and things that broke)

Fabreeze on :

So cool Mr Rat! : ) Thank you for all your interesting logs and letting us be a part of your adventures! Greetings from switzerland! PS: See you on 13.12.11 at the Hallenstadion in Zurich! Hell yeAH! :D

Byron on :

Maybe you'll want to place a facebook button to your blog. I just marked down this article, however I had to do this manually. Simply my 2 cents. My site: rachat de credits

Kevin on :

If you ever feel like giving Wordpress a try, give me a shout. I build them for a living and would be happy to help. Keep it real!

Dave Rat on :

Thank you Kevin! Really appreciate it. I actually started on Wordpress but it was too complex to get it configured. Switched to blogger and it all seems good. My main thing is to be able to post via email from my cell phone.

Kevin on :

I agree, it definitely takes some hacking to get it setup right, but it's capable of just about anything. Let me know if you're ever interested.

Dave Rat on :

will do, thank you!

Dave Rat on :

there is a link to the new blog above and hope to stay well on it this tour!

Chadd on :

Please can u bring peppers to south Africa

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