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Day 44- Show Day - Sheffield, UK

Today we get to play a game called "count the projectile!"

How many flying items you can see count in the photo below?

And I must admit that I did enjoy watching the shoulder riding challengers take on the bottle tossers, I also enjoyed the relative safety of the mix riser tent.

**** Roadie Research Segment ****

Roadies are known to get hungry. When hunger sets in, a Roadie must hunt. The hunt can involve several hundreds of steps in a given direction, last for 1's, 2's or even 5's of minutes and involve a plethra of dangers and obstacles including doorways and various things to step over. Never come between a Roadie and its food and more importantly, never attempt to pet a Roadie while it is tacking its prey.

Roadies often refer to their hunting grounds as "Catering." Some Roadies are better hunters than others. Here we can observe the fierce hunting Roadies preparing critical nutrition for the herd:

Without this food, this herd will surely perish. Take note that this particular hunt has been highly fruitful. They will eat well once again today. Their chance for survival is strong indeed:

**** End Roadie Research Segment ****

Wonderful show and the last of the stadium gigs this trip. Bigger venue, more open sounding and all around, it just felt good. I am so looking forward to a proper day off.

Davus Ratticus



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