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Day 45- Day Off, Travel to Scotland, UK

After spending most of my time surrounded by high quantities of humans, a relaxing wander in a stunning city really is grounding. So I will share a few highlights:

An old and intricate church made with lots of stones. Tracy (bass tech, Leif Scott's tech), Scott (lighting human) and Nick the Fly (FOH sound tech) enjoy the task of standing and looking around:

This window, while beautiful, is not very funtional for seeing outside and a does not open::

And I realize that betwixt is a word I need to use more often:

Especially of note is the small tree adorning the helmet:

This made my heart hurt:

Definitley not Los Angeles:

How often do you get to see one of these:

And tomorrow, well, how about a rock show for a change?

Dave Rat



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Joshua Dunlop on :

Isn't that second photo of the park the same one that we saw in Dortmund Germany? Really interesting blog so far by the way. Cheers, Josh

Dave Rat on :

Thank you! OK, fixed it, Ooops, I had posted a pic of the wrong window and now it should make more sense.

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