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Day 48 - Travel to Manchester - Day Off

Today we say goodbye to our bus. Since we only have one more rive, it makes more financial and logistical sense to drop the busses and bring in some short haul buses to do our last drive from Manchester to London. Jans Sven, or German bus driver has been truly amazing. Having 9 to 11 Roadies on board of his land ship, is a tough gig and he was not only a pleasure to hang with but kept us laughing as well. going to miss you Jans!

Here you can see sheep and also the reflection of Jans to the left.

I found something interesting on my camera, a picture that indicates that there may be a correlation between the recent lack of ventilation in my bunk, over the last few days, and the picture of what looks like Scott's hand removing paper towels stuffed in my bunk vent. Hmmmm.

And today I rest and relax and will be back tomorrow.



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harley on :

I had Jans Sven as a driver a few years ago. He is awesome. Great driver, great guy to share a bus with.

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