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Day 52- "Roadie on the hunt"

**** Roadies on the Prowl ****

Roadies do not forage. They are by nature, fierce predators roaming the tundra and acutely aware of the slightest nuances drawing them to their prey. Today we hope to track a Roadie on its quest for food. In the following sequence I was very fortunate to stealthily track a roadie on its hunt for food. The primal skills that every roadie possesses allows them to pick up on even the most subtle of details leading them to the the feeding grounds. Undetected, I spot Roadie Chris splitting off from the herd, he is clearly stalking prey or possibly has to go #1 or #2.

Notice the focus and stride which this motivated roadie exhibits as he venture into the cave ahead:

Exactly how roadies are able to locate the unsuspecting meal, remains mysterious. What environmental clues could it be following? Does it posses the sense of smell of a hound dog? The hearing of a bat? Sonar? The eyesight of a mole?

Quick, its getting away:

Ascending these precarious cliffs, the mighty beast is relentless in its pursuit, easily circumventing the dangers evident:

I have been spotted! It takes all of my will power not to "run away," Fortunately I was able pass without being eaten:

Unable to keep up, I became lost in the maze of unforgiving terrain:

And without any indication of which way to go, I give up:

Suddenly, I come face to face with the fierce hunter roadies, I turn to run, to escape:

When I see the hunt was successful and roadies feeding on their prey:

With the danger of the day behind me, I reflect on the events of the day.

Dave Rat



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