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Day 54 - London - Day Off

Come on for a stroll. There are so many things that are easy to take for granted and it isn't till we see it from a different perspective that we can truly appreciate the details of life.

I wanted to cross the street here but darn it all, I am neither riding a horse nor a bicycle:

Luckily I was able to locate this crossing zone where humans and bicycles are permitted to cross:

Only to be puzzled and confused as to what humans lacking horses are supposed to do here:

And wandering further into Hyde Park, check out this street light:

Like a gas camping lantern, this quad mantle street lamp appears to have a darkness sensor and an auto-ignite feature. Cool stuff and though I did not make it out here at night and forgot to notice them last time I was here. I will bet they give off a even more pleasing light than the lovely low pressure sodium and mercury vapor lamps that we so warmly embrace back home to illuminate our parks and streets in Los Angeles.

The art of intimidation is critical for protecting from and fending off potential villains. In order to strike terror into the hearts of those contemplating adverse actions, uniforms are often employed as symbols of power and strength. Here we can see exactly that, a guard prepared for battle, acutely aware of his surroundings and hair trigger grip on his sword. Clearly he is preparing to slay these dangerous damsels:

I could not bear to watch the ensuing blood bath so I walked away. And found something that does remind me of home, ahhh, skateboards, bicycles and graffiti!

And here we see just to our left is where the Frogger street crossing is that separates our hotel from things to eat:

This concludes the informative stroll and pretty much everything you need to know about London. See ya tomorrow.

David Rat



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