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>**** Special Feature - Japan, a Culture of Industriousness and Innovation ****

Part 1 - Overcoming Environmental Challenges

There are a few things that you can be sure to expect on a journey to Japan. First of all, it is a well known fact that if you are traveling with a group of people over 30 years old, it is socially impossible not to discuss what an incredible feat it must be to keep Tokyo in such great shape. It is hard to imagine how industrious the culture must truly be and somewhere right around the bridge coming from Narita when you spot the big ferris wheel is usually the trigger area that sets off the discussion.

It is just one of those things that we westerners take for granted. What other culture could deal so adeptly with the massive devastation and chaos caused by giant reptiles regularly battling in the streets of a their largest city? Between the adventures of Godzilla, Giant Robot and my personal favorite Gamera, it is astounding the city remains at all, let alone intact and functioning. Here are a few pics and once you start to comprehend how big these beasts are, you will begin to realize how great of a geological, social and economical impact these huge monsters can create::

This tower has been toppled so many times, I bet they can rebuild it in no time:

Incoming! Just imagine if he lived in your neighborhood, he is actually a good guy:

But when trouble comes, Tokyo takes a hit:

This guy is cool, but even so, do not underestimate the repair bill and man hours after Gamera has spent the day defending the city:

Finally, Giant Robot I hear is actually remote controlled by a kid somewhere but no one really knows:

Part 2 - Revolutionary Technology

The Japanese have created what I consider to be one of the most life altering innovations of the 20th century. What does every human go doo every day? Yep, pretty much. And where do they doo? That's right, the toilet. Now imagine this. You sit down to lay your weary buns to rest and the first thing you notice is the warmth of the heated toilet seat. Next an infrared sensor detects your presence and activates a deodorizing fan just in case that the unlikely event of something smelling less than pleasant should occur.

Upon completion of the task at hand, you have a myriad of choices to offered, but they all end up in about the same thing: a well aimed small nozzle comes out and emits a steam of warm water in an upward direction.

Naturally, there is a button that offers a special redirecting of the stream for females whom desire to have that warm jet of pulsating water wash a different area.

Furthermore, this stream can often be adjusted in temperature, exact aim and even be oscillated or pulsated.

Finally, after you have flushed away your donation, yet another button activates a heated air blow dryer that, though time consuming, will dry your nether region. All in all, if you have the time, what the Japanese have done is to create the first practical and fully functional, 'Paperless Office.'

**** End of the Special Feature - Japan, a Culture of Industriousness and Innovation ****

The very clean Dave Rat



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Joshua Dunlop on :

Overcomplicating a problem don't you think? Infact, is it even a problem?

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