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Day 65 - July 27 - Day Off Exploration

Part 1 - The Scott Walk

Today our Adventure leader will be none other than Scott the Lampi. Famous for his namesake Scott-Walks which involve miles of random exploration and sore feet, Scott has graciously offered to take us on a tour of Tokyo Hands, a legendary store that is rumored to have everything.

On our way there, it is difficult not to be distracted by all the cool motorcycles:

We made a friend:

And here we are at Tokyo Hands, a gathering place for roadies to wander:

Cool little TeeVee (He is clearly showing his roadie roots)

Nick the Fly takes break in a short chair

Scott bought one of the wine racks on the lower shelf:

He appears to be primping:

Scott becomes overwhelmed with curiosity. Hmmm, who is in here?:

Check out these wooden casters:

Who do you know that does not need little plastic scenes of people smoking in an office? And look closely at the one on the bottom left:

With Tokyo Hands being a gather area for roadies, it was no surprise to run across Leif and Daniel:

This is a little projector:

And this is what is projects:

I think he likes the table:

Uh oh! It gets lonely on the road and it looks like Scott may have liked what he peeked at earlier as he is back again:

More useful and attractive items and something I should own:

Oh, cool, I have been meaning to pick up a rhinoceros beetle, ya' never know when one of these babies will come in handy:

And thank you Scott for an informative tour, looks like he may be getting ready for a date with his friend!



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