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Day 82 - Travel to Boise

**** Approaching a Roadie - Etiquette ****

By request, I have put together a brief list of useful roadie terms. Using these words when approaching or attempting to converse with a roadie is highly recommended as it will put the roadie at ease.

When referring to a person that works with lighting, use the endearing term "Lampi" or if you really want to win their favor call him or her a "Squint."

Sound related roadies of both male and female persuasion bask in being addressed as "Noise Boys" or "Squeaks."

Any roadie having anything to do with video always with appreciates the the loving moniker "Vidiot."

Riggers who climb and do all the hanging of stuff from the ceiling are always warmed by being called "Monkeys."

When approaching a roadie in the wild, it is usually best to test the waters of safety by shouting "hey roadie!" really loud from a safe distance before running towards them at a very high rate of speed.

FOH (Front of House), refers to the shangri-la of blissful happiness that holds the caged roadies on display in the middle of the audience area. These special caged roadies are generally considered safer and less likely to bite than their counterparts that are displayed behind the security forces guarding the back stage area.

SWAG (stuff we all get) would be considered the equivalent of a 'roadie peanut.' Basically SWAG items are the treats given to roadies by the patrons. Watching roadies get SWAG is amusing to the givers like feeding an elephant or having a little goat eat snacks from your hand. It is always wise to bring little bits of SWAG for the roadies as this makes them very happy.

**** End Roadie Etiquette ****

Upon arriving in Boise, I spent a most enjoyable afternoon hanging with Lampi Scott and his twin 6 year old daughters whom have joined us till Arizona. All Good!

Dave Rat



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Jason Phair on :

How about "humheads" for soundguys?

Dave Rat on :

Good point, I forgot that one, was also trying to come up with names for the backline roadies.

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