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Day 83 - Day Off Boise

A full day off immersed of sunshine in a city with a river within walking distance, left me no option but to exhibit my expertise as a fisherman. Coercing roadie Wayno (Wayno is long over due for a dedicated blog post, soon to come) and roadie Sam into joining me on the expedition was a challenge indeed. Fist I asked them and then they said yes. Then after considerable time spent walking in circles and gathering essential supplies, we finally arrived at our destination riverside.

Tucked away on the bank of the flowing river with not another soul in sight other than the hundreds of people floating by on inner tubes, we laid our deadly lines into the watery depths.

After several hours of rigorous sitting we began to realize that it was quite obvious that the river was 'out of service.' What we did not realize is that nothing could have prepared us for what was to happen next. As Sam was casting his line in the river, just a few short yards away, the peaceful relaxation was shattered by the shock and horror of watching my cell phone attempt to take it's life by leaping into the river. Dashing to it's rescue, my selfless hand risked its own life and dived in after the distraught phone, pulling it ashore. My frivolous attempts at mouth to phone resuscitation failed as I sucked away the murky river water.

Through my grief, I was able to muster the energy to capture a picture of the scene of the heartbreaking event:

Near lifeless, it lay upon the shore and I know what you must be thinking "He went fishing and the only thing he fished out of the lake was his cell phone." And technically you are correct, but hey, how many people do you think, other than me, caught a cell phone, today? Ha ha! Still another great day as a fisherman!

The recovering

Dave Rat



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KC on :

I am so sorry, but I find myself laughing about your loss.

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