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Day 4 - Barcelona - Load In

My first 'call sheet' appeared under my door last night. Forty six humans listed plus Scott and Grier. First call time is 6:30 am, I am listed at 11:30am. The Rat sound crew on this tour consists of three system techs (Lee the crew chief, Manny and Neil), Nick the Fly as FOH tech and Daniel as monitor tech. The five of them are responsible for keeping this beast of a PA system set up on time and in the right spots, loaded out fast and running smooth. On monitors we have Mark with and at front of house, hey, it's me! Mark and I are the ones who pretty much spend the tour breaking the things that the techs try and keep running. Seven humans dedicated to noise.

Lobby call is now a 1/2 hour away, must find coffee.

Here are some pics of production coming together.

The Mess

They call these The Spines:

Dave Rat



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