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Day 90- Show Day - Glendale, AZ

It was hot, really hot. Then it was wet, really wet. And then there was lightening, lots of lightning. So much lightning that I actually stood outside with my finger on the shutter button and it only took me about 20 minutes to actually take a picture of lightning. Not a great one, but it felt like a feat accomplished!

Walking by I grabbed a quick pick of The Mars

And then Nick the Fly took a wander around the gig with my camera and grabbed some cool shots:

And, yeah I know, doing just the all pictures is kind of the the lazy man's post but hey, look at the pretty colors!

Off to San Diego,

Dave Rat


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Johnny the Strat on :

Dave, Quick audio geek question: why are you mic'ing the guitar cabs with 57's instead of the Audix i5's? Or Sennheiser e609's? School me, bro! J

Dave Rat on :

If was starting fresh, I would tend towards the i5 and be more flexible in mic choices. Currently the mic setup is so stable and consistant for many years that I am reluctant to start screwing with things.

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