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Day 92- Overnight to San Francisco

Roadies love truck stops and if you are chipper enough to pop out of your bunk at a fuel stop, there is some real fun to be had. With everything you could need from truck parts

adorable gifts for the kids

and you can pretty much live off of these these multipurpose macro-marts. With restaurants, shower rooms and special trucker only lounges that have couches, movies and internet. The trucker sub culture is right at home here and most importantly, they are located with easy freeway access and 60 foot long parking spaces.

For us roadies, truck stops provide a place to frolic, shop and occasionally get left behind. Being left behind is called "oil spotted" in roadie speak. No one truly knows the origin of the term but evidence does indicate that it may have evolved from the statement "the only thing I could find was the oil spot where the bus used to be." To avoid oil spotation, it generally a good idea for roadies to leave a note on the drivers seat if they leave the bus. What happens is the driver goes inside to pay for fuel, roadie wakes up and leaves the bus to go crap in the bathroom, (piss only on tour busses) and the driver returns and drives off, hence the note idea.

I have a few good oil spot stories that I will save for a rainy day, but since today is sunshine, lets go sailing!

Nick the Fly's brother Joe has a boat in the bay and picked up Nick, Scott and I for a sailing adventure soon after we arrived in SF. Here we can see these salty sailors out on the open sea:

First they said something about coming around then it gets really noisy, all hell breaks loose, a metal thing swings across really fast and and then the boat goes the other way. I hide in the cabin.

They did that a few times and then started looking at the swingy metal thing

and it was much easier to fish without all the ruckus. Good thing too, cause otherwise I may not have gotten the chance to land this impressive behemoth

And such ends another rough day on the road.

The weary,

Dave Rat



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mike on :

Do you use any earplugs? If so, what kind? There is a discusson on my sound email list about this. ( Thanks,

Dave Rat on :

Mike, If you are asking whether I use earplugs while mixing, no I do not. I will wear them if I am subjected to extended periods of loud noise or music when I am not mixing. Though I do have some high quality moulded plugs, I prefer using foam plugs or in-ear monitor moulds without the cables. In my opinion, a sound engineer's ears are not unlike a tennis player's elbow, a skier's knees, a pitchers arm or a computer programmer's wrists. Is mixing with ear plugs like a nascar driver racing his car by remote control so he wont get if he crashes? In nearly every field, those whom are serious about being the best, usually take some physical damage hits for the team. And over the years a sacrifice of some hearing may well be one of the many prices I pay for my chosen path. Hearing is overrated anyway. We all know it is all about the light show!

Sufferwords on :

Senor Ratinsky, What no pictures of me? I will continue to follow the saga and expect you to keep me up to date, oh how about a Chris Warren pic, the kids a superstar pete

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