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Day 93- Oakland Show 1

It has been a while and who would have knew, the return of:

**** Issue of the Day ****

Every tour with any duration always seems to have a point where 'tanti time' comes. Oh the heart warming enjoyment of grown roadies all upset over the relatively insignificant. And I never want to be left out of the fun so I naturally join in in anyway I can. Bus food. Seems there is a discrepancy between what the roadie bellies desire and what what the roadie bellies are being fed for overnight drives.

Though roadies are well known to want nothing other than Pizza every night, best I can figure there were a few busses that made a few trips with minimal or non existent supplies of drinking water, bee and wine stock. This, of course, angers the roadie's bellies and angry roadie bellies are capable of inspiring the roadie in which they reside into either profuse whining or even worse, taking matters in there own roadie hands. Couple that with the fact that a loaf of Wonderbread was discovered on one of the busses and hence erupted:

The Wonderbread Mutiny 2006

Though similar to the Boston Tea Party, the Wonderbread Mutiny 2006's place in the history books is yet to be determined. What was truly incredible was that word of WM '06 spread so quickly that within hours the head Peppers office 3000 miles away not only got the news but was able to orchestrate an eyebrow raising delivery of three additional loaves of Wonderbread. Anyway, soon afterwards the uprising lost steam because it was too difficult to be mad while laughing.

Furthermore, concessions on the food supply end were made as well and without a single drop of bloodshed, the the tour slid back to its lumpy harmony of balance that we all love and enjoy.

**** End Issue of the Day ****

And since I have to watch these guys every day so I may as well have you do the same:

And so ends another day on the road.

The reminiscing

Dave Rat

P. S. Have you ever peeled the crust off of Wonderbread and squeezed the middle part back into a dough ball?



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Jason on :

YES! ! ! And it tastes strangely odd after being back in a ball...

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