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Day 95 - Overnight to Fresno

After arriving in Fresno and not wanting to miss a single moment of this joyous day off, I dropped my bags off in my room and set out seeking a drinkable cup of coffee. After wandering aimlessly to the point of infuriating frustration and completely failing my task, I headed back the bus and brewed a pot myself while I regrouped my thoughts.

Then it dawned on me. Soon if not already, Scott the Lampi would be inspired to follow the same dire path I just abandoned. A quick phone call confirmed he too was questing coffee, after warning him of the challenges he faces, we met at the tour bus for a sure cup of coffee and to form our Fresno strategy.

First and foremost and when in doubt, one must shop and what could be more perfect than a $1.00 store for critical tour supplies. Let's see, what do we need, blow dart guns, fake autumn leaves, catapults that launch small foam airplanes, perfect that pretty much was exactly what we were looking for!

PJ PA System, Boston

While walking around we spotted this and oh that was close, I almost wore the same outfit today,

PJ PA System, Boston

but at the last moment some strange thing came over me called common sense and instead I chose shorts and a white t-shirt to fend off the 105 degree weather.

Though we did score some incredible items, I still carry some remorse that I passed on the red studded, rotating wheel, business watch:

PJ PA System, Boston

Though the carpet store was closed by the time we got there, tomorrow morning we should have enough time to buy some. Because, I quite sorry to say we are currently lacking FOH tour carpet.

Off to play with my goodies!

The wishing I had that red business watch,

Dave Rat



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Andy on :

I dunno, Dave, once I discovered the "Launchpad" that Tour Supply sells, the thought of FOH carpet ceased to even enter my mind. Thick foam, black felt that can remove to wash when you spill beer on it for the third time, and looks kinda classy. You can't beat it! --Andy

Dave Rat on :

Excellent suggestion and those are very cool. The Launch Pad would be smaller, lighter, last longer and more practical all around. But if all humans followed that plan, tube amps, Harley Davidson motorcycles and Rolex watches would all be obsolete. Fortunately there was a carpet store attached to a used car dealer next to the hotel that provided much more shopping pleasure than a catalog order. Ahhh, the joys of mixing barefoot!

Andy on :

Hells yeah! I first ordered my Launch Pad when I was taking over a show from an engineer who was moving on to bigger and better things, and when I brought it in, he looked at it and said, "Oh, jeez, you're not one of those 'mixing in my socks' engineers, are you?" "I am now--thanks for the idea!" sez I.

Kirk on :

You've got to find a way to get that watch. Imagine yourself before a show, and a guy yells out "hey soundman, what time is it?" and you could be all BA-BAM! They'd need to hire another spot roadie just for your watch!

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