Here is a picture I took 2 weeks ago at the Berlin Wall

Here is a picture I took 2 weeks ago at the Berlin Wall. It is a crew awaiting the next flock of tourist to scam in a con game called “the shell game” . The guy pointing at me is the one that moves the shells, the 4 people in front pretend to be bystanders winning money, the two against the wall are lookouts. So I have explained all this and it is a fairly obvious and transparent scam that takes money from the naive and foolish humans. Now that you have this info you are faced with a choice. Should you encounter a similar situation do you play and believe you will win or do you avoid as you are aware it is a con? This is very similar to what we see with Trump, he is a con, it is clear and obvious. What puzzles the mind is why do Trump supporters dive head first into playing the shell game?
by Dave Rat

September 23, 2016 at 07:06PM
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Author: Dave Rat

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