Peppers Euro leg #4 München 

And back to the familiar broken sleepless patterns of tour. I actually kind of like the middle of the night few hours awake and milling about.

Though I can’t remember the last time I have been able to consistently sleep through the night, on tour I actually get up. turn on all the lights and have a little mini day in middle night.  I read that people in the 1800’s and earlier, pre electric power and gas street lamps, used to have two sleeps with a bit of a party time in the middle. 

While up and about I was excited to see the new SoundTools web site is up and running. Back home I got to see the first run of WallCat is done and shipping. I need to grab a few WallCats to take home. Several years back I ran a bunch of Cat 5 to most of the rooms and the WallCat will allow me to connect analog audio lines between the bedroom upstairs with the living room downstairs.

Breakfast and 9am bus #3 call time. Usually I try and ride my bike the the gig but still bag heavy until I can stash big yellow in the bus and live out of my refillable backpack /Brompton combo.

I don’t remember being 10, I do remember the feeling of fears and emotions watching the chaotic updates. I remember my dad repeating with emphasis the word “horrible” and endless stream of bad news unfolding followed by total loss. I have been here many times to Munich for shows and not sure why this time the memory returned so clearly but may as well immerse further rather than ignore it. 

A quick search and short bike ride away brings me to building 31, Olympic Village Munich looking at drab all but forgotten plaque 46 years later. And yet even with near half century of time passed, sadly not much has really changed. The same bloody story of hatred repeats and spreads with the cities and names of the victims and shooters changing. I can’t help but feel the angry fires of hatred being reignited back home by a different asshole. We humans are so good at failing to learn that hate begets hate and the trapped and oppressed will be willing to die to escape.
Ok, enough of that for now and back to the gig to see how things are doing. 

Here is a shot of the amp racks getting set to fly out. Putting the amp racks in the air let’s us keep the speaker cables as short as possible. Last tour we did some listening tests and were able to clearly hear sonic improvements with shorter speaker cables. Also converting the analog console outputs to AES3 at FOH rather than 150 meters of analog return lines converting to digital in the amp, offer an audible improvement in clarity. 

And a few array pictures

That’s enough bloggery for now.




Author: Dave Rat

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