So sound nerds, let me ask you this. Which would result in a a clearer sound with more impact when mic’ing two spaced sources like a pair of rack toms or a pair of saxophones?

1) a single mic 6″ to 24″ away equidistant from both sources or

2) using two mics with each very close to a source and Y’ing the two mics together

Would the ambient noise from the 2nd open mic negate the advantages of getting mics closer or would the ambient sound of having a single mic farther away be more detrimental?

Shifting gears, here is the cover for the new 30″ Rat SuperSubs coming soon, slow but sure and looking to have 16 of them by December at the Rat shop. Pretty excited to get them all fired up.  Just one is adrenaline rush loud, can’t imagine what 16 will do.

And this is what a stage push looks like during load out. The entire stage is on wheels and gets rolled all the way out to the FOH mix position so the lights and video can drop onto the floor.

Here is a shot of the Arcs we use to cover the middle of the audience up close to the stage. Usually I use a flown center fill of Kara but with the moving light array, had to choose a different approach. We also have pairs of Kara on top of the 4 sets of 3 sub clusters across the front of the stage.

Fortunately the PA hang width is much more narrow this tour so the arcs are a feasible solution. Otherwise we were looking at trying to squeeze speakers into the array of 880 nano winches. 

So the buses all rolled at 3 am or so for an overnight to Antwerp while I rolled a chilly bike ride to a hotel a few miles away that I booked while awaiting the encore.

Going to train to Brussels and spend friday night there and on Saturday I think Clint and maybe Leif are going to train to Brussels and all three of us will do a bike ride, Brussels to Antwerp. It will be my first city to city, country to country ride.

and may as well throw in a show pic

And off to Brussels.




Author: Dave Rat

Sound consultant, sound system designer, curious human