American Bus

It’s been a while maybe 3 years or so since Ibe done a US bus ride.roony and open. More social space than the Euro micro lounges. No real hanging for me though. Off to the bunk for some phone work and a bit o blog. 

So another show on the new subs was getting my head around them feeling more free to push a bit. My main concern is maintaining a good sound out front without any side effects that could mess with the band’s performance. Sub bleed on stage can really be an issue and make it hard for them to hear if I’m not careful

As far as mixing, everything came up well, the mains were pretty straight forward with the biggest challenge being that it’s freezing cold outside. The trick of shutting off venue air unfortunately barely warms the room when it’s so cold so the sound tends to be edgy till people get moving . You can just feel the cold air falling from the roof and it makes things a bit unwieldy requiring extra attention to the changing tonality.

Check out the 12 supersub rolling array strapped to the template

Mixing on the SuperSubs is fascinating. The bass sound has less hot spots that swoop through the room on certain notes. I did add a bit of EQ today with a single cut around 50hz..

On the band front, 2nd show had even more momentum than the first, it’s amazing how well they hit the ground running with the high standards themselves and others have established. 

A quick look from when I was home




Author: Dave Rat

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