Lincoln and my last 2

Down to the wire as I will be mixing my 2nd to last Peppers show tonight in Lincoln Nebraska. 

Somehow it seems I should be more she’ll shocked but it just feels the same familiar business as usual way as it has for so long. Perhaps being home will feel odd. 

What does feel odd is that the US has elected one of the most nauseating and selfish rude humans imaginable lead our country. 
My feelings of helpless dismay, anger and disappointment exceed my literary skills by so many order’s of magnitude, I am at a loss for words.

I will make a prediction though; prepare yourselves for war. Not an meandering existing conflict, not a shift in military presence or strategy, but rather a new clear and defined HUGE HEADLINES, scare the shit out of everyone, band together as the nation cowers in fear, war.

I make this prediction based on the observation that Trump has demonstrated a pattern of an insatiable relentless quest for power and that Trump has demonstrated that he will viciously strive to defend holding power at all costs.

Combine that observation with the fact that in the United States, every wartime President has always been re elected since the country began.

My prediction is that in order to absolutely insure his re election and not risk any other outcome, Trump will start a war, regardless of the collateral damage and lives lost.

Agree? Don’t agree? Makes no difference, as thisl post will still be here four years from now and I will either be right or wrong. I hope I am wrong.

On brighter notes: the small and human things make me happy

Just a quick check, anyone out there know if this wiring configuration out front of the Corn Husker Marriott in Lincoln is up to code?

I promised a pic of Jack Irons

And because probably more than anything, gonna miss hanging out with Scotty

And yay, today was Rat swag day with a hoodie, beanie and name embroidered laundry bag

And for good memory sake, started grabbing pics with my tour friends I have had the honor to travel the world with.

And I’d love to share some sound needs stuff but that will have to wait, lots to do and so little time.

Oh, and thank you everyone for helping me with the swamping Scott’s phone and helping me with one last big fun hurrah as this life chapter come to a close.
Ok, will try and post tomorrow for the farewell.




Author: Dave Rat

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