So I bought a Tesla

5 months home and quite wonderful except the stressful parts. But even those are good. Full focus on working with the awesome humans ar Rat and taking the company up a notch or two.

As part of my non tour happiness I have finally bought a Tesla as I have been planning for quite some time.  My tesla adventure started about 5 years ago when I saved a bit of tour money and bought 150 shares of stock in the company. I bought it not because I thought it would gain value, but rather, because I wanted electric cars to be a part of our future, and as with many things, I do my best to add actions to my words and and desires. 

So the share went up and I pulled out my original investment and used it to put deposit on a Tesla model X, SUV and after nearly 2 years, took a test drive. The car was awesome but the gull wing doors combined with non folding seats made carrying a surfboard impracticle. Why would I want a car I can’t surf with?

Also, while touring, buying my first really expensive car seemed such a waste, never been one much interested in being showy or posh as I prefer practical, except when it comes to sound, where I enjoy to immerse in excessive power and impact.

So when after 27 years I finally turned in my tour pass and headed home to pretend I am a normal non nomadic human, the time finally came to take the plunge.

A model S 100D with surf racks and autopilot that costs nearly as much as I paid for 3 bedroom house I bought in Big Bear, 21 years ago. Both ouch and also, compared to the yearly budget on short lived sound equipment Rat spends, not a big deal.

So over the next chunk of posts, I figure I will share the my experiences and observations for those that are interested.

And because my true purpose is the world of sound, I 

will mix some of that in as well.

As far as the Rat SuperSubs, they are coming along and to be honest, I just got really busy with other projects. We are doing some design enhancements and most importantly refine the limiting and protection systems. The subs worked great on peppers tour but also I was in control, the steps to making them bullet proof are important and challenging. With the biggest challenge being “where in the heck can I turn these things on full blast for long periods of time without bumming everyone out.”

 One of the most exciting and challenging adventures since I have been home has been traveling to Austin Texas to be the keynote speaker at Cirrus Logic’s innovation conference. Wow, a true honor to get to speak to and hang with some wickedly smart silicon chip designers. Thank you Cirrus.

Ok, cool cool




Author: Dave Rat

Sound consultant, sound system designer, curious human