Little Waves

Hmmm, in pro audio we use wireless mics and belt packs for in-ears. Hand held and strapped these things to ourselves and our performers. Not long ago 600mhz band was sold off to the cell companies, kind of a huge bummer, and we had to buy and use new wireless gear in a different range. Pretty much 500mhz to 900mhz are frequencies that we audio humans use all the time, all good, no big deal.We also know that wireless mics and in-ears have drop outs if ya don’t get the antennas all set right and such.So answer me thisHow is it possible, even comprehendable that I am seeing pro sound people that strap or have strapped 500-900 MHz transmitters to their bodies and deploy wireless mics in the 500-900 MHz range, that see and are familiar with wireless gear, are getting mind bent about that same 600 MHz on a tower?WHAAAAT THE FUUUUCK?Come on sound humans, let’s leave that voodoo stuff to the people that want to freak out over 600mhz while holding a 850/900/1850/1900 MHz cell phone in their hand, right now as they read this before they hold the phone to their head for the phone call.So either take the angle of:OMG, there is a helical antenna on stage, we are all gonna die!OrYeah 5G? 600mhz? I know it and know it well, great frequency band till the damn cell companies hijacked it from us. We in pro audio deal with those same frequencies as 5G all the time, unwieldy and wow, I’d be quite the undertaking with lots of antennas to cover a city block, it’s tough just covering a stage without dropouts.The audio community even formed a coalition to try and keep the 5G frequencies, because we love them so much, but to no avail. Sad.And for all you non audio humans, here is a chart.



Author: Dave Rat

Sound consultant, sound system designer, curious human