Testing In-Ears!

The first in a series of videos diving deep into testing In-Ears is up in the paid Member side of my YouTube channel. I will be releasing at least one per week. So far the videos in various states of completion are:

#1 In Ear Testing
#2 In Ear Specs and Test Gear
#3 Body Resonance vs In Ear Polarity
#4 Audible differences between different In-Ear and Headphone Wiring types

Other ideas for videos in the series I am working on are:

Smaart response of top brand in-ears
Actually hear the various in-ears over YouTube
Test Max output
Test distortion of in-ears
Tear apart and in-ear and look at the Armature
Pulse Response of armature vs driver based in-ears

Cool cool, here is the link to video #1



Author: Dave Rat

Sound consultant, sound system designer, curious human