Back in Japan for a bit before heading to Montreal and today’s rock show is Fuji rock festival. 20 year anniversary. And 20 years ago at the old location, I remember there was a Super Typhoon with Peppers leaning at 45 degree angles into the wind while they played and water cascading down in all directions. The next day as the stage sat in 3 feet of water they canceled the remaining days as the stage was sinking into the mud. I believe this is my 4th or 5th Fuji rock and the PA of the day today is a Clair I5 rig. It’s been a while since I mixed on one if these, other than they always sound father away than they actually are, I can usually dial them up fairly well. To me they kind of sound like Vertec ‘s step brother.

History Files: Tycobrahe Sound Company And “The California Jam” – Pro Sound Web

I grew up in Hermosa Beech and as a 16 year old, met 2 of the Tychobrahe guys living next to a girl I dated. They told me about big huge sound systems and traveling rock shows. The had a really cool stereo system and I was in awe that people got laid to play with speakers and listen to music. I had no idea that would be my future
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