PA for the day at Ottawa Bluesfest we have Meyer Milo with a cool center sub end fire arc setup. Not a huge Milo fan but I don’t hate it. They work just fine and I especially like the sub setup. I know this layout works well as it is similar to what I use for peppers when we carry PA. Except I use a stereo version for more control. Also I try and minimize distance between the band and fans so I minimize the size of center sub arrays. That said, for the show today, it will be just fine.

As we left the Brussels hotel, we end up with an extra human on the crew bus, we tell him, “no no do not get on the bus” which I guess sounds similar to “please, have a nap in the isle” So Jason hero’s up and escorts our friend to a nearby location where he can nap without also going to the airport. We then start to drive off, realize we left an actual crew humans stop the bus and our friend thinks we have changed our mind and attempts to reboard the bus. All was done with as much kindness and consideration, and I believe we were as traumatized as he was.

Enjoying unfriending Trump supporters.

Enjoying unfriending Trump supporters. In the wise words of my wife “Why would anyone vote to elect for Biff from Back to the Future? I do my best to surround myself with wise rather than foolish humans, I try and be generous, kind and compassionate, which are descriptions that not even the most fervent Trump supporters could use to describe that greedy self serving hot head. If you take issue with my position, please unfriend yourself be angry and foolish elsewhere.
by Dave Rat

July 06, 2016 at 06:25AM
from Facebook

Not sure if the the suicide net on level 3 Copenhagen airport hotel makes me feel more or less comforted. Mid air high speed pic of the turbo prop pulling us to Gdansk Poland. Normally I’m not a fan of hotels that a 300 feet from baggage claim but it’s a welcome sight on 2 hours sleep. As was a welcome sight to see this Vacation Movie looking van with a smaller van sticking out its butt that hauled us all to Open’er Fest